10 Tips to Prioritize Wellness in the Workplace

10 Tips to Prioritize Wellness in the Workplace
10 Tips to Prioritize Wellness in the Workplace

If you manage a team, either in the office or remotely, you are partly responsible for their wellness at work. It’s important to take into account the health and safety of your staff as well as their emotional wellbeing. A healthier and happier team is more likely to be engaged and motivated. By prioritizing wellness, you’ll be able to improve productivity and the quality of your service. Your team, company and clients will all benefit. Employee wellness is therefore directly linked to the success of your business. Here are ten tips to prioritize wellness in the workplace.

Provide ergonomic work stations

Whether you work in an office or remotely, it’s essential to use work station furniture for your posture. This goes for all members of staff. In order to avoid repetitive strain injury, back or eye sight problems, an ergonomic work station is paramount. This includes a specially designed chair and desk which allows you to maintain the correct posture at all times. Your monitor and electronic equipment also need to be at the right height and distance. It’s also important to monitor the levels of light and noise and check all employees are comfortable in their working environment.

Add a touch of greenery

You’d be surprised how many benefits of plants in the office there are. Plants don’t only look attractive, they are also proven to boost your mood. They also help to eat away air pollution. By placing a few plants around the workplace, you’ll really be able to improve the atmosphere. They also help to contribute to a natural, greener attitude.

Encourage safety best practices

Ensure the wellbeing of your staff by introducing safety best practices, with training if necessary. Higher level staff might require training in areas such as first aid, and drug testing employees. It’s important to make sure that all members of staff are aware of how to stay safe online as well as in the workplace. Arrange a training session on cybersecurity and data protection. If your staff feels more secure, they’ll automatically be more comfortable and confident at work.

Staff training

Staff training isn’t only for the protection of your workers, but it also helps to motivate them. Boost their interest and general morale by offering and encouraging training courses. Give the opportunity to progress and raise your expectations of them. This will prevent them from feeling stagnant and demotivated in the job. Speak to your employees regularly about their goals and purposefully set them new projects to help them achieve these. Make them feel more positive about future prospects in your company. This will motivate them to work harder.

Regular breaks

Working hard is important, but you also need to take regular breaks. If possible, provide a comfortable quiet area for breaks where staff members can go to unwind. It’s important to look away from the screen as well from time to time, so try to encourage this. Teach your employees about the importance of taking breaks to stretch their legs, and not to stay in the same chair all day. Try to encourage outdoor activity on breaks, even if it’s just to get some fresh air.

Offer your support

As a manager it’s important to show that you’re available for any support your staff may need. There are several ways you can improve communication at work. Have one-on-one feedback sessions with your team members and ask them if there’s anything they need to improve their wellbeing at work. Make sure they feel listened to and that their opinions are seriously being taken into account. Keep an eye out for any bullying or toxic relationships in the workplace, and carry out the necessary proceedures.

Cycle to work scheme

There are several ways you can promote staff wellbeing for example a bike to work scheme. You can arrange these in order to provide benefits for those who cycle. It’s also a way to prevent bad habits. You could also encourage carpooling or other eco-friendly schemes. The commute can be very stressful for some people and this affects their wellbeing in the workplace. If there’s anything you can do to improve this, you can be sure your staff will arrive more motivated and with more energy to work.

Team building

Team building is a great way to boost morale and general wellbeing in the workplace. There are plenty of fun team building activities, so you can take your pick. When choosing an activity, remember to be as inclusive as possible and certain members of staff might find it more difficult than others. Try to find an activity that everyone can enjoy. You could also look into more long-term humanitarian projects such as volunteering and charity work. This would not only boost your team’s morale, but also be great for your business’s reputation.

Offer flexibility

With remote working becoming more and more commonplace, it’s easier to offer a bit more flexibility with hours. Your staff will greatly appreciate this. It depends on the type of business you run, however, so make sure you arrange schedules that work for the both of you. Get together with other higher members of staff, or even speak to a union advisor about how to go about offering more flexibility timetables.

Go green

Last but not least, if you want to prioritize wellness and protect the environment you could consider going green. This is a win-win situation normally because by reducing your energy consumption you’ll save money on your bills. If you promote your company as a green business you could also be more appealing to both clients and investors. Many employees like knowing that the company they work for has values, so going green is a way to show them this.

The more effort you make to prioritize wellness in the workplace, the more productive and motivated your staff will be. They’ll also be more likely to have a positive attitude towards working for your company in general. It’s a way to improve morale and relationships at work.

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