10 Ways Your Business Can Offer Your Customers More

10 Ways Your Business Can Offer Your Customers More
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Every business wants to offer its customers as much as possible. But, some do not realize the sheer scope of what they could offer to improve the customer experience and boost their reputation within the industry. 

You might think that you’re already doing enough, but the reality is always that you can do much more. Where can you begin, though? Here are ten pieces of advice for you to consider that will help your business thrive and ensure you offer your customers as much as possible. 

Refer and Reward 

Referrals and reward systems are one of the cornerstones of better marketing strategies. If you do not offer these programs already, you’re missing out on repeat customers who will choose your business over any other. 

There is a range of reward programs to consider, ranging from tokens with every purchase like you find at fast-food restaurants or coffee shops to accumulating points that offer discounts on substantial purchases. These are what you can find with electronics stores and can work as incentives to return in hopes of getting large reductions on a big purchase. 

You can also use this system to give them money off services when they recommend a friend and give them a unique code that can introduce more people to your business while helping existing customers save money.

Personalize Their Offers 

Customers don’t want you to bombard their inbox with basic template emails and offers. They want something that is catered towards them. Often, this begins with addressing them by name rather than a catch-all Hi

It isn’t enough to speak to them like you’re friends (although this can help in some industries). You must offer them what they are looking for. In retail, you wouldn’t offer skirts and handbags to male customers in their 30s. Avoid these mistakes by using marketing segmentation that can analyze their habits and allow automation to do the hard work for you. 

Provide Online Courses 

Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to give back to your customers, and one of the best ways to do this is to provide online courses, whether free or paid, to give them the knowledge they need to be their best selves. 

If you operate as a B2B company, you can use online courses to share knowledge and train clients to be better equipped at handling unique scenarios they may encounter at work. There are plenty of areas to short your online course, but you should consider Kajabi vs Podia as an excellent place to begin. 

With an online course, you offer value while also earning extra from your customers. If you provide a unique perspective, you will quickly build the number of people willing to try your course.

Work With Other Companies 

Working with other businesses can provide plenty of mutual benefits as long as they are not local competitors. You can offer discounts at their stores and vice versa, but also help spread the word about new products. 

Furthermore, there’s the chance for you to offer even more to your customers without spending a penny. Collaborative programs that rely on the larger business funneling customers towards your company (if you are a smaller business) can help dramatically and could give your business the bump it needs.

Show Them How Your Service Benefits Them

The modern consumer or client is not solely concerned about the product or service itself. They want to know how it benefits them and how it can benefit the wider world, also. Many businesses will try to pull the wool over customers’ eyes and use industry jargon to distract them, but this is a practice that will not endear your company to the modern consumer.

Instead, show them where their money goes and how it benefits as many people as possible. Are you planting trees? Are you donating a percentage to charitable causes? Are you putting the money back into the business to improve aspects that you are passionate about, such as reducing emissions and waste? These are the benefits consumers want to see, so don’t be afraid to show them off.

Make Yourself Accessible Anywhere

With so many people being on-the-go, you want to ensure customers can reach your business no matter what. There’s no better way to do this than to develop a website that works on all devices, as well as develop an app that is easy to use. 

This means your customers will be able to access your information wherever they are. If they get a notification about a flash sale or deal, they won’t miss out because the website is too clunky on their phone. The more accessible you are, the more loyalty you build because customers consider your business more convenient. 

Make Your Content Valuable 

You already know that content is essential, especially if you’re looking for effective yet subtle ways to market your business. However, too many businesses produce lazy content that does not appeal to or engage with their customer base the way they hoped. 

Therefore, it’s vital to understand the keys to making valuable content that grabs attention and makes your customers think about what you have to say. Like everyone else, you have a unique perspective on your industry, and even things happening outside of your industry, so do not hesitate to share these ideas with the rest of the world. 

Even this is not enough, though, so make sure you understand the importance of SEO to reduce duplicate content and other issues. 

Redefine Customer Service

Customer service is the bread and butter of many companies, but many businesses can become lazy about their customer service performance. 

You must be more responsive to your customers and ensure they leave every interaction satisfied without bending over backward for them and making ludicrous allowances. If you can show your customers that you care – and be genuine about it – you can redefine what customer service means in your company and set the standard for your industry. 

Be Present

Likewise, it’s important to be there for your customers, whether in the community or online. A consistent presence will highlight how your company is one to look out for, and you will quickly become a face and name that everyone recognizes. 

You can ensure you are present by ensuring your business gets involved in local causes and events. Whenever something is happening, you should be there. Don’t feel there is a risk of overexposure, as there’s no such thing in business. Instead, you can show the community your values and use these to appeal to areas of your market that you may have missed otherwise. 

Become a Matchmaker

A lot of smaller businesses can boost their value to customers by becoming a matchmaker and putting customers in touch with other businesses that might be able to help them. Unlike collaboration, this is not an official partnership, but rather a chance for your business to celebrate others because you believe in what they are doing. 

You can do this through social media posts or during your customer service activities. Answer customer questions and direct them to a business that could benefit them. 


It’s not enough to provide service with a smile; there is so much more than your business can – and should – do to ensure you are the first name customers think of when they need a service like yours. Think about how you can implement these tips and consider which will be most beneficial to your business and your customers to ensure you can offer them something that no other business, competitor or not, can hope to match.

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