11 Questions to Ask Before Creating a Room Rental Website

11 Questions to Ask Before Creating a Room Rental Website

Are you looking to build a rooms for rent website? These tips will help you get your website project on the right track right from the start so that direct bookings via your website can work. 

Hopefully, this saves you time, money, and the stress when creating the hotel website and brings you success when you finally have your e-commerce platform. 

1. What is the goal of the site?

This is the question of all questions and needs serious thought, and the questions below will help you find the answer to create the hotel website.

2. What makes my website special for my guests?

When you look at some room rental and hotel websites, they are often arbitrary and interchangeable in terms of design, structure, and content. 

That means you can confidently put the hotel name of the neighbor over it, and it will also fit in. It’s always better to focus on the unique selling points, the customer benefit, and what the guests appreciate.

3. Who is my target group, and what does the persona look like?

This is one of the most important questions you need to answer in e-commerce. Go into the external perspective and objectively assess which guests and target groups fit the room. Describe your preferences, goals, desires, and needs of this audience. 

4. What should visitors to my website do?

If they like what they see, they’ll need a contact to reach out to. If the potential guests don’t meet the primary goal, like calling you or booking a room, you need an alternative strategy that gets you closer to the goal.

5. How do potential guests find my website?

You must have a clear online strategy upfront about how guests will get to the hotel website. The probability that someone finds their ideal room rental is low unless the room rental website has a unique selling proposition.

6. How do I make sure guests return to my site?

Think about what drives room rental guests to visit your homepage. Collect exciting content and prepare it appropriately.

7. How do I measure the success of the website and my room rental marketing activities?

That’s easy. Implement an analysis tool such as Google Analytics on the website and evaluate the results regularly. Daily would be nice, but it should be at least weekly. Set KPIs that represent a positive or negative development.

8. How does my website strategy fit into the marketing strategy in the sales & marketing plan?

Decide how much time, which actions and how much budget you calculate monthly in online marketing, eCommerce, and the website.

9. How important is the content – texts, photos, videos on the room rental website?

Up-to-date and relevant content is the way to turn website visitors into bookers. Exciting content influences the placement in the search engine result lists and is, therefore, SEO relevant. You must ensure you have the time, creativity, and content creation skill to do it.

10. Which browsers and which end devices do my guests use?

The hotel website must be responsive and readable on desktops, tablets, and smartphones across all browsers. Bookings must be possible quickly and easily via all end devices.

11. What does a project manager/consultant bring me for the website project?

A project manager relieves and gives space for the hotel operation. He develops the strategy with you and accompanies the process in the implementation with the programmer and web designer. He makes recommendations for the software and booking engine. He also designs the navigation and content concept. This makes it a lot easier and ensures a better result.

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