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12 Trends & Tools To Improve Your 2023 Marketing Strategy

12 Trends & Tools To Improve Your 2020 Marketing Strategy
12 Trends & Tools To Improve Your 2020 Marketing Strategy

For some time now, content marketing and storytelling have been a huge part of the marketing world. Amongst this, we see new marketing trends emerging every year. To improve your 2023 marketing strategy, these 12 trends and tools will help give you the boost you need.

Tips to improve your marketing strategy 

1. Focus on personalization 

There are several benefits of personalized marketing including:

  • Reduced bounce rate: Plain and simple, when your customers are experiencing content that’s tailored to them, they are far more likely to stick around.
  • Repeat buyers: According to Instapage, ‘ 44% of consumers say they will likely become repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience with a particular company.’
  • Increased engagement: Forbes recently reported that ‘72% of consumers say they only engage with personalized messaging.’

To personalize your marketing, you need to start by collecting as much data about your consumers as possible. The next step is to generate detailed customer personas that help you to inform your content creation. One of the easiest ways to personalize your marketing is to create product recommendations based on your customer interests.

2. Collaborate with influencers

Collaborating with influencers is a wise marketing move, but only if you choose the right influencers. According to Forbes data, ‘ Nano-influencers (less than 1,000 followers) on Instagram have higher engagement rates (7.2%) than mass influencers.’ Due to stats like these, many brands are now looking to work with nano-influencers. There are plenty of associated advantages, including:

  • Generate trust: Working with the right influencers can help you to build trust with followers. Influencers have highly loyal audiences, so you’re essentially borrowing some of their credibility to boost your branding.
  • Enhance brand awareness: With the right influencer collaboration, you get the chance to share your brand story with a whole new audience.

3. Use shoppable posts 

One survey on BigCommerce explored the benefits of shoppable posts. The brands involved in the survey reported a ‘+ 1,416% increase in traffic and a + 20% increase in revenue.’ By using shoppable posts, your brand can:

  • Speed up conversions: With shoppable posts, consumers no longer have to leave a social media page to search for your company. They can click on your post there and then, buy the product, and continue scrolling.
  • Use Storytelling: Social media is often about using images and videos to tell stories. When you use shoppable posts, you can connect these engaging stories directly to your products.

Storytelling isn’t just crucial for your shoppable posts, but it’s important throughout your marketing as a whole. You should base your brand story around your customers’ values and present them this story in the most engaging way possible.

4. Use Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality is a great way to make your marketing campaigns more engaging and fun.

For a little inspiration, check out these examples of brands who’ve successfully used VR marketing:

  • TOMS SHOES: Retail brand TOMS SHOES are famous worldwide for their philanthropic work. Every time a consumer buys a pair of shoes, TOMS SHOES donate a pair to a person in need. The ‘walk in their shoes’ marketing campaign offers consumers a VR experience that involves virtually traveling to Colombia to meet a young child who has benefitted from their purchase.
  • Mcdonald’s: Popular fast-food chain McDonald’s created a Happy Meal Box, which doubled up as a VR headset made of cardboard. The headset allowed consumers to play interactive games, including a VR skiing activity. Using this campaign, Mcdonald’s increased customer engagement and repurposed packaging (which would have otherwise been thrown away).

5. Interactive Content

Interactive content is a type of content that requires the audience to participate rather than just watching or reading. There are several different types of interactive content you can use, including:

  1. Surveys & Polls
  2. Interactive Video
  3. Interactive Infographics

Studies show that interactive content can boost conversions and increase engagement rate; other advantages of using this content are:

  • Improve brand awareness: Interactive content is very easy to share, and when people share it, you’ll automatically improve your brand awareness.
  • Improve session duration: Interactive content helps keep your visitors on the page for a longer time.

6. Voice search is on the rise

Voice search continues to grow in popularity, so companies need to optimize their content for voice search. To optimize for voice, businesses should ensure that they use conversational tones and long-tail keywords. For more information about the SEO best practices it’s advisable to work with a professional SEO company. Search engine optimization is always advancing, so it pays to have the professionals support your strategies!

7. CGC

Customer-generated content is gaining popularity this year, so it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. One of the reasons why CGC is so well received is because this type of content is viewed as more authentic and human. Brands often have a hard time getting consumers to trust them, and CGC content can help them generate that trust. Whether it’s images or videos, it’s as easy as using real people as part of your marketing campaigns.

Tools to improve your marketing strategy

1. Klear

Klear is a system that allows you to search and track influencers; using this platform it is simple to find the right influencers to work with. There are plenty of features that will enable you to promote your brand, access analytics, and improve your social media management. A few of Klear’s best features include CRM, performance measurement, influencer identification, audience demographics, and social analytics. Using Klear, you can listen in to what people are saying about your company, and use this social data to inform your marketing strategies. With Klear, you can search by skill, niche, or location to ensure that you find appropriate influencers.

2. Insightly

Insightly is a top CRM tool for small to mid-sized businesses. Its main features include task management, pipeline management, and contact management. With Insightly, you can get a clear picture of your sales’ visibility, improve communication,and create a more productive organization. Insightly allows you to organize your suppliers, vendors, customers, and partners. You can share files and integrate your emails with MailChimp. The software also provides integrated project management so you can track every stage of your customer’s journey. You can design and implement project milestones and monitor email correspondence.

3. Brand 24

Brand 24 is a social listening tool; using this platform, you can monitor what internet users are saying about you and your industry. It’s useful to think of Brand 24 as an intelligence platform where you can keep track of all your comments and mentions. Using Brand 24, you can offer a real-time response and access to insightful marketing analytics. There are plenty of features to take advantage of, including influencer score, topic grouping, sentiment analysis, and more. Using insights from Brand 24 you can build an effective marketing strategy.

4. Turtl 

With Turtl software, it’s simple to design and publish your very own interactive content. The platform has all the tips and features you need to create the content people love to read! One of the best things about Turtl is that you don’t need coding or design skills to use this software. Once you’ve created some beautiful content, you can also access detailed engagement rates. Using the Turtl platform you’ll be able to design some amazing content in the blink of an eye!

5. Smaply

Smaply gives you everything you need to design customer personas, journey maps, and stakeholder maps. Combining these three elements is helpful to gauge a clear picture of consumer desire. With the Smaply tool it is simple to edit and duplicate your personas, switch between them, or export in PDF. You can also describe and assess the steps that a consumer makes before buying a product or service. By including the influencing factors, you can gauge a full understanding of your customers. The more detailed that your customer personas are the easier it will be to tailor your campaigns to their needs.

6. Venngage

Venngage is an infographic design platform that can turn data and processes into beautiful and engaging content. The Venngage offers plenty of themes, including customizable templates and icons for infographics. With the UI, you can edit all the templates’ elements, from color to size, opacity, and text. The Venngage tool allows non-designers to create compelling content for their biz at an affordable price.

To conclude

Keeping up with the latest trends and tech is the best way to supercharge your marketing strategy. Beyond this, the key to an effective marketing strategy is analytics. When you take a close look at your data, you can easily pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. By reviewing your weaknesses, you can make improvements and boost your future performance. It’s also a wise move to ask your customers for feedback. You can do this in the form of on-site forms, NPS surveys, chatbots, or via email.

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