12 Ways To Make Your Customers Feel Extremely Valuable To You

12 Ways To Make Your Customers Feel Extremely Valuable To You

In business, you need to make sure that you have every single facet in order. If a business has holes in it, then it’s going to falter along the way. Every single business that wants longevity and structure should be worked on every single day. There’s no way you can succeed if you go in half-heartedly. The likes of the finances, the initial plans, the marketing, and so many other areas will need to be lined up before you even get it off the ground. They need to be focused on even more when you look to expand your business and take it to newer, greater heights. 

One thing that is vital to consistent business with longevity is the love of the customers or clients you work with. All stakeholders play a big part, but the relationship with those you’re looking to satisfy matters so much. If they handing your money aren’t happy, then you’re not going to make as much as you think you are. You have to build up a relationship with customers and clients in order to keep them with you. For this to happen, you’ll have to ensure that they’re in love with you and the product/service that you’re supplying. They need to feel as though they’re valuable – and not in a hollow sense. You can tell anyone what they want to hear, but that will eventually catch up with you if you aren’t sincere. 

If you want to make your customer base feel extremely valued, then here are some things you can do:

Show Some Manners Before, During, And After

This sort of goes without saying, but people remember how you treated them. They remember how you treated them even more so when they’ve had a bad day or are in a bad mood. There are various kinds of business etiquette when dealing with all kinds of stakeholders, but you need to remember your basics when dealing with customers. They’re likely to be in need of something, so you’re there to help them out. They may be nervous or struggling with something, so you must take that into account. We all have bad days, but do what you can to make the situation pleasant for everyone. 

Show Consistency 

One thing that people really get behind is consistency. If you show up and do the same kind of work that they’re expecting, then you’re going to be a lot more attractive. If you build yourself up as one thing and end up not being anywhere near as good, then that’s not exactly going to keep people on board. The same applies if you do a great job for one customer/client and then are miles off the pace for another. You won’t be taken seriously if you’re not consistent. 

Always Be Honest

In the world of business, it’s common to tell a few white lies in order to get what you want. All’s fair in love and war – so the saying goes. ‘It’s not personal; it’s business’ is another, of course. Typically, those at the very top will have told a few in order to elevate themselves above the rest. In some cases, you can exaggerate or bend the truth and nobody will get hurt. If you want your audience or customer base to fully feel as though they can trust you, however, then you’ll have to be honest with them. Don’t allow them to open up to you only for you to turn your back on them all. Just like in real relationships, business/customer relationships deserve honesty on both sides. That’s one of the things that will really make it all bloom. 

Recognize Them In Places Such As Newsletters And Social Media 

Not everyone likes being the center of attention, but we all like to receive some kind of attention. Being recognized and being seen as important will only build our self-esteem. When we feel like we belong, it gets us up in the morning and makes us sprightlier. If you show them that you’ve been paying attention, then they’re going to love you even more. You don’t have to become bottom-feeders to all customers, but letting them know how valued they are through various forums will score major points. You won’t just look like a vapid, systematic company that is only interested in bringing in money. 

Allow For Speedy And Direct Contact 

If you have a problem with a particular product, service, or company as a whole, then the chances are that you’ll want to get in touch with them quickly. The problem will want to be solved as quickly as possible. If the company has no means of this and it takes weeks to get to the bottom of a situation, it can be very frustrating. This is why you need to ensure you have many streams of contact that are all quick and easy. Social media is the go-to for this kind of thing in 2021, but there are a lot more outlets. For instance, you could use a live video chat app for website and speak easily with someone who wants to have a word with you. Think also about the likes of emails and phone numbers. They’ve been around for a while, but they’re just as quick as they’ve always been. 

Email Marketing

We just mentioned emails as a means of contact, but emails can be used as another method of keeping people interested in you. Email marketing is simply the practice of sending out systematic emails to the masses with particular messages on them. They might be about offers, they might be about inactivity, they might simply just be to say hello. Whatever the content, it seems to work. People check their emails all the time and see these kinds of messages come through. Think about it if you feel as though you want to retain people’s interest or build it up even higher. 

Host Events 

Events always make people interested in what you have to say or what you’re trying to do. Big occasions that get people’s eyes looking can be excellent for making your name a little bigger while also endearing yourself to the masses. Whether we’re dealing with online events, in-person events, big ones, or small, exclusive ones, they’ll likely be a hit. Lots of people will think ‘do you remember that time when…?’ and it’ll become a positive memory in plenty of people’s lives. 

Create Loyalty And Reward Schemes

When people have been customers for a long time, they might feel as though they deserve a little back. They’re not stupid and don’t want to be seen as suckers for their entire lives. They do deserve to be a part of a loyalty program or two over the years. They’re the reason why you’re staying in business, so you might want to reward them with something. If they reach a certain amount of purchases or if they’ve been around for long enough, then they should have something in their favor. This will make them feel as though they actually belong and that they’re not just another person in and out the door. 

Remember Things Like Birthdays

This might not seem like something that most people would care too much about, but it is quite important. People’s birthdays matter, and if you can ensure you’re a part of the conversation, then they’ll remember that. By no means will they see it as the best present they’ve ever had, but it’ll show them that you pay attention. Even something as intangible as a message could make a difference. The whole idea is to ensure that you value them, remember? 

Listen To Feedback

This is really very important. What the customer says should be listened to. Sometimes, a customer or client will have something unreasonably negative to say. Those kinds of criticisms can be ignored. When the feedback is genuinely constructive, however, that’s when you’ll want to listen. This benefits everyone and the relationship as a whole. They’ll be happy that they’re being listened to. You’ll get to improve on your business. And the bond becomes strengthened even further. 

Stay In Touch As Much As Possible 

The idea is that you want to be close with them. We’ve talked about plenty of ways you can do this, but the thought is that you want to stay in their minds and be perceived positively. Advertise yourself wherever you can but don’t force yourself into their lives, obviously. Letters would be a marvellous method of staying in touch – this is very similar to email marketing, but they appear more personal. 

Always Look To Give 100% And Be Personal 

Everyone appreciates when someone (or a group) puts in hard work. They fully recognize how difficult something can be and will take their hats off to this kind of behavior. If you work hard for the customer or client, then they’re going to like you a lot more than if you are lazy. Everyone makes mistakes, but a lack of effort gets nowhere.

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