15 Fun and Exciting Ways of Promoting Your Next Product

15 Fun and Exciting Ways of Promoting Your Next Product
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Product promotion is an essential part of running a business. While you might assume promotion consists of the standard TV, radio, and print media advertising, the subject is much more broad and complex. There is a vast list of methods of fun and exciting ways of promoting your next product. 

The social perception of a product and your brand is key to a successful campaign. You can cultivate perception through carefully planned manipulation and controlled information. When it comes to a product launch, you can control such information in numerous ways, such as:

  • Social media
  • Broadcast media
  • Marketing
  • Samples
  • Events

Further, you can use each platform as a jumping-off point for numerous promotional concepts. For example, you can use social media’s interaction with teaser ads, comments, and engagement. Or you could hold virtual events on platforms like Facebook Live to demonstrate or tease a new product. 

Personalized Accessories

People love free stuff, and it doesn’t get much cooler than official merchandise. Custom t shirts, swag bags, and caps are often associated with TV, movie, and video game launches. So naturally, fans will pay good money for these items. Yet, you can boost a promotional campaign by giving these exclusive items away for free. As such, there is a collector’s market for official promo gear. And it isn’t uncommon for video game fans to pay big money for items personalized with gaming products, such as an official Sims 4 gaming mouse, for example.

Social Media Campaigns

The power of social media platforms is unrivaled in the modern world. With one post, you can potentially reach millions of people. Sharing and liking options can make a post go viral, which is essentially free advertising on a scale that would usually be expensive. The interactive features of social media also enable a promotion to become more than a simple advertisement. Users and potential customers can ask about the service or product, and you can engage with them to further build the hype.

Website Countdown Timers

A simple yet effective method of building tension and hype about a product is to place a countdown timer on a site, blog, or social media page. Timers are handy for launch windows for a marketed product, such as a video game release or an exclusive purchase event. Sony’s recent PlayStation 5 invitations are a prime example. However, timers are incredibly effective when the public doesn’t know the new product or service. Therefore, they are highly advantageous at building hype for a big reveal.

Local Radio

Despite living in an age of multinational corporate broadcasting, people still enjoy their local radio stations. Local radio is an excellent way to keep up with local news and keep their ear to the ground. Therefore, local radio is an ideal vehicle for driving interest in a new product launch. A tour of some kind best accompanies such a campaign, so letting people know when you will be in their local area will drive traffic to your event and boost word of mouth.

Podcasts and Blogs

Further to local podcasts and blogs are an excellent alternative to broadcast. Podcasts are becoming one of the most widely distributed media types. Therefore, a mention by an influencer of some kind will generate interest in your product. Additionally, well-known blogs are an excellent method of cheap or free advertisements. Currently, there are an estimated 4 billion blog readers who browse their favorite blog every day. Therefore, a product promotion mentioned in a niche-related blog post has massive potential. 

Influencer Marketing

Further to podcasts and blogs, influencer mentions could skyrocket any generated interest in your latest promotion. Influencers are essentially internet celebrities. While this may sound like pseudo-fame, influencers typically have millions of followers and instantly reach a mass audience. For influencer mentions, try the following:

  • Identify and target niche-related influencers. 
  • Connect to existing influencer social media communities.
  • Cultivate a good relationship with prominent influencers.

You can try these methods of attaining mentions by influencers. However, many require genuine reasons and won’t accept payment for product placement. Yet, some will. Sending free samples for an exclusive review is a trusted and authentic method of influencer marketing.

Create a Narrative 

Creating a solid narrative around a product is an excellent way to get people engaged with your product. A compelling story will help potential customers identify with your products and brand. For example, Coca-Cola spends millions on advertising during the Christmas period. The company doesn’t do this for the fun of it. Over almost one hundred years, the drinks giant has created the intense narrative of associating family time and memorable moments with their brand. It is widely believed that Coca-Cola commissioned the modern image of Santa Claus as part of an early campaign.

Subscriber Previews

People love to feel like they are part of something special. Take VIP lounges at clubs as an example. They are no different than anywhere else in the establishment. They just have a rope and a guard. In short, people will pay to feel special. Only with online promotions, the currency is digital data. For example, you can expand your customer list by offering special previews to your new product for people who subscribed to a newsletter. One study by McKinsey researchers found that you are 40 times more likely to acquire new customers from email marketing.

Web-Based Mini Games

One of the oldest methods of promoting something exciting is with web-based mini-games on your product site. M&M’s pretzel game is a perfect example. During a 2013 promotional campaign, users clicked on a giant M&M image to find a hidden pretzel. Not only was the game fun and straightforward, but it increased user engagement significantly. On Facebook alone, the game won 25,000 new likes with 6,000 shares and over 10,000 comments. User engagement of this kind is not possible with any other medium.

Virtual Events

Virtual presence technology is being used like never before. The Covid-19 pandemic contributed a lot to the proliferation of remote devices and apps. Video communication via apps like Skype and Zoom are excellent. Yet you could take it a step further and inspire customers with intriguing and exciting VR tours of your product. You could also hold a Facebook live session. Interactivity on social media allows you to answer questions, demonstrate your product and take feedback from customers who can actually see what you are offering.

Offer Free Samples 

Further to holding an event, offering free samples is a great way to generate buzz about a new product. You can compound this with limited-time exclusivity, sign-ups, and invite-only demonstrations. Additionally, you could require conditions for receiving and using free samples. For example, anyone who receives a free sample during a promotion is required to leave a public review on your site. This way, other customers can see the glowing positive comments about your new product before it’s even launched.

Competitions and Giveaways

Of course, writing a 2-minute review of a free product is too much work for some people. In this case, you could simply offer your product for free, with no strings attached. Competitions are a fair and straightforward method of doing this. For example, you could offer your product completely free for the first 100 callers to a local radio station. Or you can randomly draw names from callers over a limited period. Either way, free and exclusive prizes related to a product will generate much buzz at the local level, then eventually global following inevitable social media posts.

Unique Social Media Hashtags

Again with social media, you can use various platforms to generate interest using unique features. One of the features is hashtags. Hashtags were solely used on Twitter when it launched. Today, all social media platforms support hashtags. In a nutshell, a hashtag is a unique identifier for information on a specific subject. Therefore, hashtags help disseminate data and drive users towards a product. For example, you can direct users to your new wireless headphones product page with the prolific use of a hashtag like “#NextGenSound.”

Collaborate with Local Talent

You can establish solid local ties with a community by working on a local level via community collaboration. Local talent like artists, singers, and writers effectively bridges a disassociated corporate brand and the general public. As well as performance art or stage shows, you can incorporate your brand and promotion into fun activities such as workshops, training and education, and talent competitions. Additionally, local artists are an excellent way of advertising a product via original pieces, videography, or photography.

Tease the Products

An old technique gaining modern prominence is that of the teaser. Teasers are very common with movies, and TV shows yet can be applied to pretty much anything. For example, your blog could provide tidbits of information leading up to a launch. At the same time, images and video could slowly reveal an item. Further, you can carefully control the flow of information around a new product. Considered data can propagate through official channels, select partners, and niche-related media. All these outlets can reveal that a new item is on the way, with details to follow, of course.

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