3 Benefits of The Everlasting Comfort Knee Cushion

3 Benefits of The Everlasting Comfort Knee Cushion

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of your health. It not only comprises roughly one-third of the average person’s life, but it is one of the most important parts of living a full, healthy lifestyle. So many important, crucial things are tied to getting a good night’s sleep. Your mood, your body’s ability to recover, and even things like your immune system and memory are deeply affected by your ability to sleep well. 

For many people, the challenge of getting a good night’s rest is a very real, and very pressing problem that they have to face. Not everyone can simply fall asleep quickly, or stay asleep throughout the night. Having problems with sleep is more common than you may think. Not only do millions of people struggle to fall asleep, or stay asleep, but there are also issues that people face in how they sleep. 

For instance, every person will have a unique preference for sleep. There are back sleepers, belly sleepers, and side sleepers. Depending on how you prefer to sleep, there are typically pros and cons. For instance, back sleepers can tend to have issues with snoring, or side sleepers can develop tension and discomfort over time. 

Ways to Improve Your Sleep

There are a lot of things that you can do to help improve your sleep. Light exercise, consistent and steady eating habits, as well as being careful to limit possible stimulants like caffeine later in the day. While things like getting plenty of sunlight and fresh air are great ways to help you get the rest you need,  there are also problems that can happen while you’re trying to sleep. 

For instance, side sleepers tend to struggle with finding proper leg support while sleeping which can lead to some unfortunate side effects. Not having good support during the night when you find yourself sleeping on your side can lead to leg, hip, and even back pain. Sometimes this pain is present when you wake up, called waking pains, and other times it can manifest as discomfort throughout your day. 

One of the best tools that you can use to help mitigate these problems and promote the best sleep possible, is a knee cushion. Thankfully, the Everlasting Comfort knee cushion is one of the best of its kind and can help you not only sleep soundly but avoid discomfort and pain throughout your day. 

Here are three benefits of using an Everlasting Comfort knee cushion and why you should start using one! 

Ergonomic Design 

The first benefit to using the Everlasting Comfort knee cushion is the fact that it has an orthopedic doctor-recommended design that is ergonomically structured to give you support that matters. When a person sleeps on their side, a lot of things can ‘go wrong with their posture. Now, this doesn’t always mean that they are uncomfortable, in fact, many people who sleep on their side have trouble achieving sleep in any other position. However, as soon as they fall asleep it’s easy for small things to happen that can cause pain or discomfort.

For instance, when you sleep on your side, it’s easy for your hips to angle a little too much, and this can cause undue stress on your lower back. Another common problem that people who are side sleepers experience is that the weight of their legs isn’t evenly distributed. This can cause streaming on your hips and lower back, and even compromise your sciatica nerve. 

All of these can lead to feelings of tension, discomfort, or even pain. The Everlasting Comfort knee cushion is specifically designed to fit between your knees, and give your lower back the support and alignment you need while sleeping. 

More Comfortable Than a Body Pillow

Another benefit of using a knee cushion is the fact that it’s built from 100% premium memory foam. This means that it not only is designed to specifically support your body, unlike most common body pillows but it’s also made from one of the most comfortable materials on the market. With an adjustable, and removable strap to ensure that it doesn’t slip off during your sleeping, this cushion will not only support you but increase your comfort levels. 

Easy To Clean

Good hygiene is synonymous with peace of mind, especially when it comes to our sleeping habits. One of the benefits of the Everlasting Comfort knee cushion is the removable slipcover that makes keeping your knee cushion clean, and fresh easier than ever. 


Investing in a better night’s sleep is one of the best ways you can help improve your day. It can help to keep you focused, and motivated, and improve your overall health. It’s an investment that has a huge return on your life, and if you are a side sleeper then using the Everlasting Comfort knee cushion is a great way to do just that. 

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