3 Family Friendly Christmas Movies Everyone Should Watch

3 Family Friendly Christmas Movies Everyone Should Watch

While almost all Christmas movies are family friendly, some are more appropriate for kids than others. With the holiday season already here, you’ll likely be considering which films you should watch over the season. You could already have a few favorites in mind, but you might want to try something different.

Whether new or old, there are more than a few kid’s Christmas movies to choose from. Three specific options are recommended for this. They’ll not only be something your kids will enjoy, but you could like them just as much.

With the amount of family fun they offer, there’s no reason not to consider them.

Family Friendly Christmas Movies: 3 Top Options

1. Trolls Holiday Special

Trolls received a lot of attention upon its release, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a heartwarming animated tale of bringing people together. With the success it saw, it’s natural to see why it got a holiday special, and this could be more than worth watching.

If your children enjoyed the original, then this is definitely recommended. The Trolls Holiday Special follows Queen Poppy realizing the Bergens don’t have holidays, and then going out of her way to help them with this. With some help from Branch and the Snack Pack, cheer will be spread.

See it as an almost literal tale of spreading the Christmas spirit.

2. Elf

One of the best family friendly Christmas movies to be released in the past few years that isn’t animated, Elf can be a great choice for everyone in the family. The titular elf – Buddy – is played by Will Ferrell, who doesn’t just bring humor to the role. Instead, it’s one of the more heartwarming tales you could come across.

Buddy the Elf’s naivety and sheer happiness for the holiday season is infectious, and you’ll have no problem catching the Christmas cheer. And then there are some of the life lessons the movie imparts. Who would’ve thought maple syrup goes on spaghetti?

3. Frozen

While not necessarily focused on Christmas, Frozen is one of the more notable family friendly Christmas movies to watch. Set during Winter, it helps set the scene for the colder months while warming you up with sheer joy. An inspirational and engaging tale, it shouldn’t have a problem keeping you and your children interested from start to finish.

And that’s without even mentioning all the songs, almost all of which you’ll want to sing along to. You and the kids shouldn’t have a problem feeling the Christmas spirit as soon as the movie starts.

Family Friendly Christmas Movies: Wrapping Up

There are more than a few family friendly Christmas movies to watch, with some being better recommended than others. They’ll not only be fun for the kids, but you could like them much more than you’d thought.

Frozen, Elf, and the Trolls Holiday Special are some of the more notable of these. They’ll be enjoyable and heartwarming, and fun for the entire family. You’ll be in the Christmas spirit faster than you’d think.

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