3 Most Popular Types Of Content To Share On YouTube

3 Most Popular Types Of Content To Share On YouTube

YouTube is the world’s most popular online video-sharing platform, with over 2.6 billion active users each month. It has become one of the top sources for entertainment and content creation for people across the globe. YouTube offers a wide variety of content, ranging from music videos to educational courses. So which are the most popular types of content for YouTubers to share with their online audience?

1. Tutorials & How-To Videos 

Tutorials and how-to videos have become increasingly popular on YouTube over the years due to its convenience and accessibility; users can find plenty of step by step guides demonstrating various skill sets from cooking recipes to do it yourself projects around the home.

Some popular YouTube channels that specialise in sharing tutorials and how-to videos include The Scran Line, Goodful, and Tasty. The Scran Line is a channel dedicated to baking recipes with step by step instructions on creating everything from treats to elaborate desserts. Goodful offers viewers helpful tips on topics ranging from cooking & organising, to health & wellness advice. Lastly, Tasty provides quick guides for simple yet delicious recipes perfect for all types of cooks – be it beginner or experienced chefs! Whether you need a tasty chocolate ganache recipe, or want quick tips for cleaning your bathroom, there are plenty of useful tutorials that you can find on the platform.

Each channel has amassed millions of subscribers who tune in regularly to watch new content being uploaded as well as old favourites they’ve seen before so there is never shortage of options when users want a quick and easy tutorial or how-to video to watch at home. 

2. Gaming Content & Let’s Plays 

The gaming community is one of the biggest contributors to YouTube’s massive library of content; many gamers upload ‘Let’s Play’ videos which feature them playing through games while providing commentary along with game reviews, recaps, or showcasing glitch/easter eggs found within certain titles. Whether audiences are fans of Pokemon or Resident Evil, there are many great let’s play gamers to watch and follow on YouTube right now. TFS Gaming, Shofu, and Markiplier, are just some well-known names that have established their channels in YouTube’s gaming niche.

Gaming content is just one popular type of content shared on YouTube today and does not just involve gamers playing the games. Many YouTubers also live-stream their gameplay, provide game reviews and opinions on new game trailers, as well as providing gaming commentary too. While he has branched out a bit now, one popular YouTuber that was associated with FIFA gaming commentary content was KSI. 

He was well-known for uploading his own FIFA commentaries in his bedroom and built his online following from there. Just like many other YouTube stars, KSI has branched out into the world of boxing in recent years. Nicknamed ‘The Nightmare’, KSI has fought other fellow YouTuber boxers such as Logan Paul and Joe Weller. Earlier this year, he has mainly been sharing his official music videos on his channel.

3. Video Blogs (vlogs) 

Since it was created in 2005, YouTube has grown significantly and has become one of the biggest social media platforms. Data from earlier this year shows that around 62% of global consumers use YouTube and it is also the second most popular search engine to use after Google. Vlogging (or video blogging) is just another type of video content which has grown significantly since YouTube’s inception.

Many people use vlogging as a way to express themselves creatively via short clips about anything ranging from everyday lifestyle updates, interesting stories/thoughts etc. It allows creators to connect directly with their audience who will often comment back offering feedback suggestions so everyone involved enjoys this interactive experience together. Vlogs are just one style of video shared on YouTube that can provide audiences with entertainment and inspiration, as well as a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at the YouTuber’s daily lifestyle.

Some of the most popular YouTube channels that specialise in vlogging include Casey Neistat, David Dobrik, and Emma Chamberlain. Casey Neistat is an American filmmaker who has gained a huge following due to his creative storytelling and comedic delivery. With 12.5M followers, his channel features daily life updates as well as travel adventures; he also often uploads videos showcasing behind-the-scenes insights into his filmmaking process. 

In December, many regular vloggers also take part in ‘Vlogmas’ to provide entertaining christmas vlogs to their online audience. This year, the likes of Lily Singh, Zoe Sugg, and many more, share regular videos throughout the month on the channel for their own festive Vlogmas video content.

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