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3 Things To Think About When Opening A Tattoo Parlour

3 Things To Think About When Opening A Tattoo Parlour

Tattoos have been and probably always will be a very fashionable thing to do. For some, tattooing means expressing inner thoughts and feelings, memories, cultures, people they love, or even changing parts about themselves they don’t like. For others, tattoos are simply something fun to have in their youth that’s daring and attractive. If you have great artistic skills and a thrill for the industry, opening a tattoo parlour might be perfect for you. Here’s what you need to think about when opening a tattoo parlour.

Estimate needs and demand in your area

You must first determine whether there is sufficient demand for a tattoo artist in your area. Be aware that the number of tattoo studios has exploded in the previous decade, and most towns and cities now have multiple established tattoo studios, making the industry extremely competitive. There are also tattoo artists that operate from their homes. Some of these individuals may have converted a room in their home into a proper studio and registered it with their local environmental health department, but unfortunately, others operate as unregistered underground ‘scratchers,’ with little or no training and little regard for proper safety and hygiene procedures. If the demands meet your minimum criteria, that’s the first thing off the checklist.


Anyone can buy a basic tattoo gun from the internet, but even the most skilled of artists won’t be able to tattoo well with a cheap gun. Investing more into your tattoo equipment and ink will mean higher quality tattoos, which equals a higher chance of a happy customer. Spending more on your equipment also reduces the chance of infection and increases the chances of the tattoo healing properly. Spend more – you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

You should also think about dipping into your pocket further to ensure your parlour is up to scratch too. You’ll need an extremely sterile environment, and anything less than that is simply not acceptable. Buy high quality furniture, spend money on decor, and present yourself in a professional manner.

Pricing your tattooing services

Finally, tattoo artists offer a specialised, professional service, whether they specialise in little, basic tattoos or big, one-of-a-kind patterns. Customers are aware of this and will be willing to pay accordingly. They are more likely to pick your services based on the quality of your health and hygiene standards, creative merit, tattooing style, and reputation, rather than only on pricing.

However, because tattooing services are accessible elsewhere – more and more tattoo studios are popping up around the country – and many individuals feel the need to be frugal with their money, it’s still vital to provide value for money. Customers can usually choose from a set of designs that are shown in most studios and are often given at a predetermined fee. Customers are likely to be aware of your rivals’ prices, therefore you may need to adjust your rates accordingly. When it comes to pricing huge tattoos and custom design work, you should have a bit more leeway.

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