3 Tips For Rebuilding Your Self Belief

3 Tips For Rebuilding Your Self Belief

Self confidence and self belief are some of the most important things out there, both when it comes to your overall sense of wellbeing, and also when it comes to your ability to live the kind of life you really desire.

Unfortunately, stressful situations can occur in life that may have the potential to undermine your sense of self belief, and the degree to which you feel capable of shaping your own destiny.

Perhaps you were hit by an unforeseen economic incident and had to seek out a jewelry pawn lender, or maybe you sustained an injury, lost a job, or any number of other things.

Here are a few tips that can be helpful in rebuilding your self belief.

Get organised on a daily basis, beginning with consistent routines

It’s often difficult to have a real sense of belief in your ability to shape the course of your life, and to direct your own fate, if you’re heavily disorganised and struggle to remain consistent and in control, day-by-day.

Being disorganised essentially means — in part — that your energies and focus are scattered instead of being concentrated. This, in turn, means that you can no longer effectively structure your environment, or direct the course of events in your life, as you would like.

Getting organised on a daily basis, beginning with establishing consistent routines, can go a very long way to helping to rebuild self belief and a sense of personal agency.

Start by establishing a consistent sleep and wake schedule — and make sure that you’re getting enough sleep every night (or as close to it as possible). Then, establish consistent routines for things like meal times, exercise, and so on.

Set yourself achievable goals and go out and achieve them with a sense of purpose

Few things can help to boost and develop your sense of self belief quite like achieving goals and feeling the confidence that comes from knowing that you’ve been able to accomplish something — even if relatively small.

Begin by setting yourself some achievable goals which you’ll nonetheless be happy about accomplishing, and then go after them with a sense of purpose.

Perhaps the goal in question could even be something as simple as cleaning your car. The key thing is that you do something that gives you a real feeling of accomplishment.

Stop doing the things that cause you to feel self loathing

Unfortunately, as human beings, we tend to be pretty good at undermining our own sense of self worth and self belief, through unnecessary, immoral and counterproductive activities of various sorts.

In your own life, do you notice that some activities or habitual actions cause you to feel some level of self loathing, as opposed to pride, happiness, confidence, or anything more on the “positive” side of things?

If so, work diligently to stop doing those things.

Of course, this is likely to be easier said than done. It might even mean seeking out counselling to drop an addiction, or to better manage your temper.

Ultimately, though, your sense of self belief can expand greatly by simply not undermining your sense of self worth on a regular basis.

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