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3 Video Downloaders for Android Platform

3 Video Downloaders for Android Platform
3 Video Downloaders for Android Platform

To millions of viewers YouTube is an entertainment along with knowledge platform providing access to millions of videos. This app has gone on to model the offline feature where you can download videos and watch it during your leisure time. With this powerful feature you can save the videos locally on to your device. Let us flip through some of the other popular video downloading apps on the Android platform


There are no ads with direct video links as part of this app. To use this Mod YouTube app you are not going to call for any root access. The download along with speed limit can be set in terms of download. Just you have to download and install the Modify app, further going on to open it.

  • Videos can be downloaded from the Mod app as per the desired quality. It also possess the feature of multiple downloads
  • Even videos can be played in the background with just a single button
  • There is no need for any root access to this app
  • The app is ad free so that you can go on to watch any video without any disturbance.
  • With this app also you can undertake multi- tasking where you can carry on other stuff at the background
3 Video Downloaders for Android Platform
3 Video Downloaders for Android Platform


This is a popular video downloading app that enables you to download video or audio files from nearly 100 sites. Even these files can be directly downloaded on to your storage device and choose the resolution along with format of the file. Even when you are going for parallel downloads there is no compromise as far as speed is concerned. The interface of the app is simple with a host of customizable features.

  • HD and 4 K downloads are supported
  • The app has an in built audio and music player
  • This app is light in weight
  • Goes on to consume less memory space, RAM along with battery
  • For web browsing can be used an in built browser
  • Free video along with music downloads


This is more of a modified version of Snap Tube along with TubeMate. A notable feature of this app is an in built video player with a host of features that is required at the end of a video downloading app. The UI interface of the app is easy and initiative. The videos can be played online or offline and can be downloaded in an easy manner. Even the videos can be downloaded in various resolutions. A host of other features like TV show and App like movie can be downloaded with a single click of a button.

  • With an in built browser an option of multiple download exists
  • The movies can be filtered as per genre, rating, type and year
  • The user interface is friendly and easy to use
  • There are fewer ads
  • Access to a large number of Indian movies and TV shows

Out of the various video downloading apps, Vidmate ceases to be the popular among the lot.

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