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3 Ways Technology Can Supercharge Your Business

3 Ways Technology Can Supercharge Your Business
3 Ways Technology Can Supercharge Your Business

We are living in a digital world. Technology is everywhere. There are apps, programs, and systems designed to help us with all aspects of our lives, from travelling to exercise to dating. But nowhere is tech more prevalent than the world of business. Whatever industry you work in, you will no doubt have noticed the workplace leaning ever further away from the analogue and into the digital era.

Those companies and business leaders who look down on new technologies and ways of working are doomed to be stuck in the past. It’s still surprisingly common for people to stick to the old ways of doing things and refuse to adopt technologies that are undoubtedly designed to make their lives easier. 

The most successful businesses in the next few decades will be those who are adaptable, flexible, and technologically minded. To get ahead as an employer you need to be open to the idea of new technology and how it can boost you above your competition.

To give you the headstart you need, here are three ways that technology can supercharge your business.


SInce the dawn of time, employers have been looking for new ways to make their staff work harder. It’s only recently that business owners have come to accept that cracking the whip (both literally and figuratively) is not the way to get more out of an employee. Productivity is all about working smarter, not harder. There are several productivity applications that allow users to make better use of their time, while also making their workload more efficient and collaborative.

Team management apps like Basecamp can allow you to designate and prioritise tasks, while analysing which tasks eat up most of your team’s time. Collaborative tools like Slack and Trello allow for more efficient communication and project management, and are particularly effective for teams that work remotely. 

Digital payments

Any business that operates in retail or sells a product or service needs to accept that the way customers pay for things is changing. Cash was already on its way out long before the global pandemic, but now fewer people than ever are comfortable handling other people’s dirty notes and coins. We are increasingly seeing consumers pay with their mobile phones, using services like Google Pay and Apple Pay, or even using cryptocurrency. If you haven’t already set your website up with e-commerce payment processing functionality, then now is the time to do so. It affords your customers a greater choice of payment options and posits your company as a future-thinking organisation.

Customer service

For any business, the customer is king. Buyers have more choice than ever before, and as a result they can afford to be more picky about the businesses they patronise. If there’s one thing that will guarantee loyalty and return customers, it’s good service. Customer service is about more than just offering a smile and a handshake. It’s about being there for them when they need it and solving their problems. Technology allows you to answer queries and handles issues 24/7. There are plenty of online chat applications and virtual assistants that enable brands to be there for their customers at all times.