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30 Rock Leaving Netflix in August 2022 Again

30 Rock Leaving Netflix in August 2022 Again

30 Rock has been unfortunately lineup of Netflix series that will end in July. Make absolutely sure to begin your binge experience as quickly as possible. As the entire series will leave the streamer around July 2022. The one, as well as only Tina Fey, is indeed the creator of the comedic TV show 30 Rock. NBC aired the initial season’s premiere in October 2006; this show ran for seven years until ending around January 2013.

The programme was a huge hit and was awarded Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, as well as Screen Actors Guild Awards. However, despite all the accolades and prizes 30 Rock won, it continued to have rating issues.

NBC thankfully kept believing in 30 Rock, so the show received a total of seven seasons. Even though we would rather not see this outrageously amusing comedy leave Netflix. We think there is nothing we can do. 

30 Rock Leaving Netflix in August 2022 Again

When will Netflix stop streaming?

By Sunday, 31st July 2022, this comedy show will stop streaming on Netflix. The final day to stream the full seven seasons via Netflix is thus July 30. Nevertheless, if you are persistent, we think you have adequate time to finish many episodes before the program leaves Netflix.

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Where will you next see 30 Rock?

Beginning on 31st July, 30 Rock may no longer be available for streaming on Netflix; however, the whole series would still be accessible with a membership on Hulu. Parts 1, 3, 4, 5, as well as 6, are also available to view absolutely for free with advertising on Peacock. 

You must have valid Peacock membership in an attempt to stream its second season there. Through Vudu as well as Amazon Instant Video, you may now buy specific episodes or entire seasons.

And although 30 Rock would soon leave Netflix, other comedies like Community, Arrested Development, The Good Place, as well as New Girl would still be available there until future notice.

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