4 Applications To Support Health And Safety In The Workplace

4 Applications To Support Health And Safety In The Workplace
4 Applications To Support Health And Safety In The Workplace

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, there’s been much discussion about health and safety in the workplace. Businesses have needed to adapt their layout to adhere to social distancing policies, while many offices are still working from home. 

Of course, Covid-19 is not the only health and safety concern in the workplace. It’s important to review your health and safety policies on a regular basis, to make improvements and changes. These four applications can help your business to improve health and safety in various ways.

1. Incident eye

The Incident Eye application supports businesses to protect and locate staff in the event of an emergency or disaster. Such incidents include terror threats or natural disasters. With the Incident Eye app, you can prepare yourself for these unfortunate events. The software allows you to support staff who need help, get safety updates in real-time, and send relevant information. The application remains inactive until needed, and protects personal privacy during use.

2. Ergonomics

Ergonomics is a fantastic app to support wellness and health in the workplace. Here you’ll find advice on equipment set up and stretching exercises. The concept is that taking short breaks to stretch is beneficial for physical and mental health. Each stretch features instructions and illustrations to ensure that you are positioning your body safely and correctly. With the Ergonomics app, you can choose a group of stretches or individual stretches. There’s a countdown timer to ensure that you stretch for the appropriate amount of time, and you can choose to target specific areas of the body.

3. Tap into safety

Tap into Safety is a platform that offers advice on mental health and safety in the workplace. The platform has an extensive library of mobile-friendly safety training, covering plenty of different industries. The Tap into Safety program also offers customized courses to suit specific scenarios in the workplace.

4. Wellspace

The Wellspace app was designed to revolutionize wellbeing in the workplace. Wellspace consists of both an online portal and an app. Using the app employers can monitor employee health and get results. The app contains a huge range of useful content, including Covid-19, exercise, financial health, mental health, sleep, and nutrition. The application sets each user with a health target, measuring activity each day. Wellspace tracks personal wellbeing, sleep analysis, and presents the user with their health trends.

Further Advice

To keep your employees safe, you should also seek to improve the security of your business. Simple solutions such as ID cards can ensure that the right people are accessing your building. A security badge holder is useful to protect the ID photograph and the scannable code. Video surveillance and monitored alarm systems are also helpful to keep your staff and your building safe.

For mental health support, it can be useful to offer your employees mental health workshops and other resources. With the right tools you can help your employees to adequately deal with workplace stresses. Further apps to support mental health include Mood Kit, Sanvello and Happify.

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