4 Reasons Why You Should See Personalised Number Plates As An Investment In UK

4 Reasons Why You Should See Personalised Number Plates As An Investment In UK

Many people are now considering personalised number plates as an investment for their cars. With the rising price of petrol and many new car models being released recently, a personalised number plate has become a regular trend in popular culture with incomes increasing by £2 million every month. The research team at found that those who have taken the risk of customising their cars with number plates are likely to make an average profit of £2,000 per car each year. This makes it easier than ever to add extra value to your vehicle when it comes to selling or trading in on a new vehicle during the next model release! If you’re looking for more reasons than this, read on…

1. Personalised number plates are a great way to engage in social interaction

Personalised number plates tend to catch other people’s attention, which allows you to entertain and meet new people. Having your own special number plate makes it easier for you to approach other socially-conscious individuals. This can also be a great way to meet new business partners, which will allow you to expand your horizons beyond what you would normally achieve with conventional business practices. It’s also the quickest and most cost effective way of keeping up with current social trends.

2. Personalised number plates are a great investment with potential to make you money

The rising costs of car insurance, fuel and servicing/repair bills are really taking their toll on UK motorists financially. Even if you have purchased your vehicle as a brand new car, it doesn’t mean that it’s in the best condition. Many people (including celebrities) have been willing to spend major amounts of money on having a personalised number plate attached to the front or back of their car. This can be seen in television programs such as Top Gear where Jeremy Clarkson has often praised the uniqueness and originality that number plates add to a vehicle. For example, a personalised number plate reading “MONCK” can be purchased for a mere £50 which is relatively cheap compared to the average price of £850. The same can be said for other famous cars that have been customised with custom number plates and given their own name such as the Ferrari 308 SP “DOGGIE” (which is more expensive at £250) or Austin 7 Cooper “CLASSIC CARS AUSTIN” at a cool £650.

3. Personalised number plates are a great way to attract customers

For a brand-new car it’s important that you keep on top of keeping the exterior of your new car pristine and clean. Likewise with the interior, it can be easy to lose some of your personal touch on the inside if it is kept very clean. However, having a custom number plate like “MONCK” or “CLASSIC CARS AUSTIN” could be able to give your vehicle that extra sort of personal touch. This can bolster up any signs or ads you may have for your business or services. It’s also a great way to attract new customers because it immediately gives your company or business an identity and you can even give your business or service a name if you wish. This will instantly catch the eye of any passer by, which may be the key to getting more customers to come through the door.

4. Personalised number plates are a great way to advertise your products

Personalised number plates are not only good for attracting customers but they’re also good for advertising your brand or product. When buying a car with personalised number plates, you have the ability to utilize this space effectively and get that extra edge of promotion.

Final words

CarReg Personalised number plates are a great way to boost your business, increase your social interaction and add extra value to your car. Although having a set of personalised number plates on your car can be expensive at times, the investment will not be in vain if you are able to utilize it effectively. You can design your own personalised plates using the private number plate maker by PlatesExpress.

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