4 Tips on How to Change Careers the Right Way in 2023

4 Tips on How to Change Careers the Right Way in 2023

Switching careers is a challenging thing to do, even though you can also find it exciting. If you look at the fact that you’re venturing into a new professional track and trying something new that you haven’t done before, it can fill you with excitement. However, there’s also the possibility of fear and nervousness when you start to consider that many risks are involved in changing your career, and you have no idea how it’ll turn out.

The feeling of fear and excitement that you feel simultaneously is why many people would rather sit on the fence or try and maintain their status quo. However, it’s not as bad as you imagined it. 

Changing your career requires you to learn and gain new skills associated with the new job or industry you’re crossing into. This doesn’t make job-hunting easy, but it gives you a chance. 

If you’re considering a career change as one of your plans for the coming year, this article includes a few tips you should consider. 

1. Create plans involving your new career

You know why you’ve decided to pursue a career change. So, your best bet is to narrow your options and choose a new career path that ticks the right boxes. 

Choosing a new career in a new industry can re-energize you for work and give you a new sense of direction that you probably lacked in your current career. You start to consider the benefits of your new career and imagine what it would look like. Considering these thoughts and creating new plans that follow your new career path can give you the momentum and impetus to pursue this career change. 

4 Tips on How to Change Careers the Right Way in 2023

2. Gain new skills and create a new resume

Switching to a new career means that you’re going to have to learn new skills. Your new career is in a new industry, and you’re likely to need more skills to handle the tasks in this career. Your first move should be to gain some new skills. 

You still need to return to college for a new degree. No. There are several ways to gain new skills and get certified online. The easiest way to do this is through online courses. You can take many self-paced online courses covering several jobs and industries taught by accredited instructors. Choose the one that works best for you and your new career, and start learning. 

The fact that many recruiters and companies are taking online courses more seriously and are using it as a criterion to judge the skills and qualifications of potential employees means you can’t go wrong with them. Apart from the skills you’re gaining, you also get certifications that you can add to your resume to make it more attractive to employers in your new industry. 

You’ll find that many professionals also advise taking online courses. To get a new job in a new industry, you must convince the recruiters that you’re capable of handling the role, and the best way to do this is through the content of your resume. Note that changing careers means you’re creating a new resume. This is why you need career change resume writing services

3. Consider moving laterally at your company.

Many companies prefer to hire internally when opening up new roles. This might save you from the stress of looking for jobs at other companies. Your company already has enough information about you and doesn’t require additional checks, so it’s easier to get a job at your company in a different department/career path as long as you’ve proven to them that you have the necessary skills.  So, your best bet is to look for new roles on your company’s job board. 

4. Use your networks to get new jobs.

Many recruiters have claimed that one of the best ways they get a high-quality candidate is by getting referrals. This means that referred clients are far more likely to get the job than others applying. Hence, you should get referrals before you start applying for jobs on your own. One of the best ways to do this is to leverage your network. Ask your friends to put in words for you or refer you to a company you’re looking to work for. Your work colleagues may also be able to speak to people they know in the industry you’re switching to, making it easier for you to land a job. 

Your social network may also work for you when seeking referrals. For instance, you can connect with people on LinkedIn that work in the same industry you’re switching to or the company you want to apply to. These connections may refer you and help you get hired. 


While it might be nerve-racking, switching careers isn’t as fearsome or difficult. The uncertainty of what’s going to happen is why you might struggle with it. Try out the tips in this article to help you change careers the right way in 2023. 

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