4 Ways To Stay Safe On Your Motorcycle

4 Ways To Stay Safe On Your Motorcycle
4 Ways To Stay Safe On Your Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is plenty of fun, but it is important to take the correct safety precautions. To get started on the right track, these four simple tips are just what you need

1. Get Your Motorcycle Training 

Before you start riding a motorcycle, it’s important to get the right training. It’s well worth taking ‘Advanced Motorcycle Training,’ these detailed courses are designed to instruct motorcycle riders to drive responsibly. Taking an advanced motorcycle training course will minimize your risk of an accident and help you to get a cheaper deal on your insurance. When you improve your riding skills, you’ll also save money by reducing bike wear and tear and lowering your fuel consumption. With the right training you’ll prevent yourself from becoming a high risk driver.

2. Full Motorcycle Gear

To stay safe on your motorcycle, you’ll need to invest in full motorcycle gear and ensure that your gear is top quality.

  • Helmet: It’s advisable to purchase a full-face helmet before you ride a motorcycle. According to Ride Apart, ‘ The minimum legal standard for a street helmet in the US is a DOT rating.’ And you can tell this by the stickers fixed to the back.
  • Jacket: Motorcycle jackets are made of textiles and or leather. Both kinds have water-resistant properties so that you can stay dry in the rain. Leather is considered the more durable option, while textile is often more affordable.

You’ll also need high-quality pants, boots, and gloves; it’s worth paying a little extra for more durable motorcycle gear. It’s wise to put in a good amount of research before committing to purchasing your gear.

3. Plan the route 

If you’re a new rider, it’s worth planning your route before riding. It’s a good idea to avoid dual carriageways until you have a little bit more experience. There are a few motorcycle apps which can help you to plan your route, including:

  • Best Biking Roads: Using this application, you can check out routes and find new areas for motorcycle riding. The app can help you to discover the best routes which are close to your location.
  • Rever: Not necessarily an app for beginners, (but a fun app all the same)! Rever is an app for finding offroad adventures and exchanging tips within a motorcycle community. You can download maps and view them offline, so it’s perfect for use in remote areas. With the planner, you can design custom routes, access navigation, and find the best scenic roads.

4. Regular servicing 

It’s vital to get your bike regularly serviced to ensure that everything is in the proper working order. You should also give your bike a daily inspection by checking the lights, mirrors, and tire pressure. Check for leaks and loose bolts, and have any issues fixed right away. From your oil changes to your suspension adjustments, you’ll need to pay attention to detail

Unfortunately, however safely you drive your motorcycle, accidents can still occur. If you do find yourself in an accident, you’ll want to find the best motorcycle accident attorney in town to represent you.

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