5 Common MacBook Issues You Might Experience Over Time

5 Common MacBook Issues You Might Experience Over Time

Whether you use your device for gaming or work, common MacBook issues will rear their heads. But usually, they are easily fixed. Here are some of the most prominent issues.

Slow App Loading or Booting

It can be challenging to identify the exact cause of your MacBook’s slowdown when it happens. Whether it’s the length of time it takes for the computer to load after a restart or how difficult it is for an application to launch, a slow laptop can become stressful. Especially if you have work to do. Start by making drive space available. Next, clear out the temporary files that have accumulated over time. If you aren’t sure how to do this, MacPaw has a great guide on how to make Mac faster. Examples of temporary data include app caches, extensions, and plugins.

Memory-Related Performance Drops

Memory leaks happen when the MacBook software begins allocating memory where it shouldn’t. This might not appear to be significant. But suppose you leave the computer running for an extended period without giving it a break. In that case, you will undoubtedly experience performance problems. Restarting the MacBook is a straightforward fix for memory leak issues. First, however, you should get into the habit of restarting your laptop once every few hours. By doing this, you’ll get better overall MacBook performance and use the batteries more efficiently.

Common Mac Issues Include Poor Game Performance

Some MacBook models are great for gaming. While they aren’t explicitly designed for gaming, they can handle less intensive titles. But you might notice poor game performance. Video game problems may not be related directly to the MacBook. Typically, lousy gaming performance will be related to some of the issues already mentioned. If you still have problems, try reinstalling your OS, updating drivers, or reinstalling games. Game settings such as running in windowed mode might also help. However, you may just need a newer model MacBook.

Excessively Loud Fans

Laptop fans draw in cold air to cool the parts inside. A hot computer doesn’t run well, and your device might have dust issues, causing fans to work harder. Also, you experience a high level of noise because of a faster fan clogged with dust. Ask someone with the necessary experience to clean your laptop if you are hesitant to open and clean your MacBook yourself. Professional cleaning of the fans and vents will make your MacBook as good as new. So have your device serviced once per year for the best fan and vent performance.

Unreliable Internet Connection

You might discover that some areas of your home have a poor internet connection. In a perfect world, you would use an Ethernet cable instead of a wireless network. If, however, that is not feasible and you become frustrated with the slow speed, there are some things you can try. Restarting the computer typically resolves the majority of internet issues. You should disconnect and reconnect to the network if that doesn’t work. The internet connection may also be improved by turning off Bluetooth. Bluetooth can obstruct other signals, including Wi-Fi.


Common MacBook issues are easily sorted. However, you will likely encounter slow loading and booting, poor video performance, and problems connecting to the internet.

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