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5 Education Blogs That Students Have Tremendously Benefited From In 2019

5 Education Blogs That Students Have Tremendously Benefited From In 2019

Over the years it has been seen that numerous students have taken assistance from education blogs to compile some of the aspiring intellectual thesis and case studies. The trend to obtain information and knowledge from books have been long and outdated. The present and more modern take to obtain information is via the medium and use of quality based educational blogs. These blogs are a substantial source of knowledge based on the blogs that one may opt for. 

As educational blogs are heavily circulating in a large number all over the internet it is important to know which possess reliable details in it. A major reason why I have compiled this post stating 5 of the most popular education blogs that truly have been an incredible asset to knowledge seekers. Few of the most recognizable names from the Wikipedia page writing agencies that are located around the globe have also confirmed the fact on what a tremendous source of knowledge and benefit these 5 education blogs have proven to be in the year 2019.

Here are The 5 Educational Blogs that Students have Tremendously Benefited from: 

1. Inside Higher Ed

Undoubtedly it is one of the most prominent and popular education blogs. As it a huge contributor in terms of projecting knowledge and has been seen as a tremendous aid for higher academic achieving students. Inside Higher Ed is an absolutely amazing source to attain content related to higher education. It is also great for those people who are seeking jobs. Inside Higher Ed has a comprehensive and wide-ranging of assisting selections provided for its audience. The selection includes Admission, Technology, Books, Diversity and even Career Advise. While it also offers a vast number of research and webinars that is available in the higher Ed Space.

5 Education Blogs That Students Have Tremendously Benefited From In 2019

2. The Learning Network

Such a blog as the learning network is a huge asset to its audience. As it is highly influenced by the quality and advanced based blogs. The reason to why it is considered as a very influential and the quality platform is because it provides reliable content to its utmost prime potential is mainly because it is under the umbrella of the “New York Times”. The primary audience that is attracted to the learning network is students, teachers, and parents who are seeking the content of NYTs conception as an inspiration to their teaching or assignment material. The learning network is very easy user-friendly for both of its main users which are the teachers and students. Students have the option to place a comment at any story through “Students Opinion” and teachers can use the selection of “Text to Text” to plan lessons. 

3. Edutopia

Edutopia is prominently seen endorsing blogs such that heavily focus on k-12 students and educators. Being associated with the George Lucas Educational Foundation. The fact of its collaboration with a prime education elevator is a substantial reason for it to provide and contribute quality researched educational blogs. Edutopia has a very clear focus which is to promote the two key main focuses which are to improve the standards of learning and create a higher engagement of students towards knowledge. It is a very efficient and effective medium that can be used to collaborate the teachers, researchers, and curriculum experts on such a level where they can advance the field to new horizons when spoken of project-based learning.

4. Classroom 2.0

The education blog classroom 2.0 is based on promoting modernization standards of learning and teaching. Classroom 2.0 is a blog that constantly focuses on bringing social media and web 2.0 into the limelight so that it can be used in classrooms in the most effective manner possible. It plays two major roles firstly as a place to attain academic/ knowledgeable content while secondly also playing out to be a platform as a social network that allows educators to evaluate and learn more on integrated online tactics to use in their classrooms. Having a huge residing audience base which comprises of 78,000 members that are gathered from approximately 200 countries. 

5. Edudemic

Edudemic is a popular blog that is precisely focused on the technology that is in the education space. It is a vibrant medium that in-depth shares light on every possible tech tactful advises that can be incorporated into a classroom. Edudemic also has various and a vast range of teachers guide to the technology and the learning impacts that will be created by utilizing technology to its best potential in classrooms. The aid of tech that can be used in the classrooms are apps, laptops and also tablets. 

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