5 Keys To The Right Domain Name For Building A Brand In 2022

5 Keys To The Right Domain Name For Building A Brand In 2022

Whether a website or a web application, the first and foremost thing you need to acquire is the domain name. The name of your website needs to be uniquely followed by the extension. For example, let’s consider a website name Here, www is the sub-domain, abc is the website name, and .com is the extension. But, when combined, is known as the domain name. 

You must register the domain to make it legal, get SSL security, and more. TLD or top-level domains are extensions that are trustworthy and globally recognized. Therefore, select the most relevant and impactful name along with an apt TLD to make your brand name famous. As there are 1246 TLDs as of 2020, the task sounds much easier said than done.

Therefore, we have explained the top five ways of getting the right domain name and building your brand in 2022. 

Choose the TLD 

The first thing you need to do is choose the TLD or top-level domain. These are extensions accepted throughout the world and also the most trusted. For example, the most prioritized TLD is .com, which has a market share of 52.8%, followed by .org with a share of 4.4%, and .net with a 3.1% market share. Several other domains are also used like .uk, .ru, .au, .in, .ca, and so on. Google has also released its domain,, for developers. 

The right ways to choose the best TLD for your website are:

  1. Go for generic TLDs if you want maximum security and trust
  2. You can also use another extension based on the country, or
  3. Ensure the domain name matches the business purposes, like for education site, .edu seems better
  4. Check if the domain extension is available for you or not, like .gov is not accessible to all

Domain name should have uniqueness and relevance

You should keep the domain name as unique as possible. It must be relevant to your business so people can know the website. For example, if you have a café, include the word “café” with a unique name representing your brand and the business type. You can also go for a unique name with no direct meaning to your business. But it should be attractive, impactful, and impressive.

Use keywords in the name 

One of the best ways to select the perfect domain name is to include a keyword in the name. For example, if you have an ecommerce business, you can include terms like shop, store, mart, mall, cart, basket, and so on to signify the business purpose. You should ensure the keyword used is shorttail and isn’t making the name complicated. 

Opt for domain transfer

Suppose you already have your domain registered with a particular registerer, but the TLD you have chosen is not accurate or relevant to your website. In that case, you can opt for a transfer domain. This will save you from choosing the domain name all over again. Only the TLD will be changed to your desired extension. 

However, you should follow the proper eligibility criterion for domain transfer. For example, if it is a newly registered domain, there should be at least a minimum of 60 days for transferring it to a new registerer. Also, you should unlock the domain and get the authentication code from the concerned registerer. 

Do not complicate the domain name

Lastly, keep the domain name as simple as possible. Do not complicate it by stuffing too many words just to establish relevance with your business. Be concise but impactful so that people visit your website quickly. 


This guide lets you know the best ways to select the perfect domain name for your brand. Ensure to follow the steps mentioned above and never use any name that is already in existence or considered a sham. 

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