5 Mobile Technology Strategies To Boost Sales

5 Mobile Technology Strategies To Boost Sales

Mobile technology is quickly becoming the new frontier in sales. Predictions and projections state that 50% of all internet searches will be on mobile devices within the next ten years. It means that if you’re not taking advantage of this opportunity, your competitors are. If you want to take charge and get ahead of the competition, read on to learn about five mobile technology strategies that can help boost sales for your business!

Engage Customers Through Their Mobile Phones

Offer exclusive content to mobile users. Content like promotions, coupons, and videos will be more rewarding for customers that have saved your number in their contacts list or added it as a favorite on their phone. 

If you are afraid of the costs, you can outsource these mobile phone services to a company that can also use them for marketing services such as retail SMS marketing. Optimize your website, so the site is accessible from any device – including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Mobile-specific websites are also a viable option.

Use push notification tools to engage your customers with your business on their phones. Be sure not to overuse them, or they will become annoying and uninteresting for the customer. Create mobile applications that people can download to smartphones where consumers have access to exclusive content, coupons, and other features. Update your marketing campaigns to be more mobile-friendly, including videos and photos that are vertical or square for optimal viewing on smartphones.

Direct Their Transaction History to Their Phones

Mobile technology has become the new shopkeeper, and customers love it. It’s now possible to complete sales transactions from a customer’s phone with minimal waiting time or disruption in the store compared to handling cash and credit card transactions on a traditional point of sale terminal. 

For retailers, this is good news since customers are more likely to make purchases online if their experience in the store is less than desirable. Some retailers are even using mobile technology to attract new customers and create loyalty with their current ones. 

Create Customers Mobile Analytics Tools

A company’s analytics are only as good as the data they collect. For example, if you’re not capturing mobile customer interactions, then you’ll never know how your marketing efforts influenced them in their decision to purchase from your business. 

Encourage Customer Referrals at a Commission

Offer a referral program. Consider giving an incentive for referrals, like offering a customer $25 when they refer you to another potential customer and the new client signs up with your company. People tend to recommend businesses that have given them something in return, so this is one way of boosting sales while also offering high-value service to customers.

Leverage Geofencing 

A modern business needs to be on the move and stay connected. There are many ways a company can use mobile technology, but one of the most effective options is geofencing. Geofences function like virtual fences with an invisible perimeter that you define around your place of operation or interest. Then, you set up alerts when people enter and exit these zones, so you’re able to engage with them at the right time.

 Geofences also make it easy for businesses to collect location data on their customers. They can even be taken inside buildings or operated by different people in other locations without worrying about cell phone coverage.


The best thing about these strategies is that they’re all low-cost and yet can significantly impact your business. You can start with the most straightforward approach to get an idea of how it will work for you before trying anything more complex. You won’t know if something works until you try it!

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