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5 Must know On-Page Search Engine Optimization Techniques



On-Page SEO Technique

Presently, the internet is the most reliable source of information. It has the answer for almost every search queries. So, it needs to be updated on a regular basis. Over the past months, search engine giants have made a great change in its algorithm. Among them, the Google has also updated its algorithm to deliver relevant, fresh and quality result to the user.

On-Page SEO Techniques

In order to reach the target audience, a company needs to work on both on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On page includes all the activities that are being done on the website by making a change in HTML code. Off pages includes all those activities which are performed outside the website. SEO techniques are changing day by day. So, to match up the pace you need to stay up to date with these techniques. On page and off-page, both are important for the business but On-page techniques are for better rankings. 

Here, is the list of some of the techniques you need to emphasize while doing:

Meta tags:

Your Meta tags HTML code should be the targeted and appropriate keywords. It must be related to the content of the page. It helps SERP (search engine result page) to understand what your page is all about and then display accordingly. If you use best-targeted keywords for a website it will definitely and smartly help in improving the rankings. 

Page titles:

It is also referred to as Meta titles and plays a vital role in SEO techniques. It is the first thing appears on your website. It should be unique and appropriate and it must include your decided keywords to your web page. These titles are very important and attract a lot of clients so that the number of clicks increases and hence, the rank will automatically get higher. It can be around 60 to 80 characters.

Meta description:

Meta description describes the purpose of your business. It helps in ranking process indirectly as it is not a direct SEO ranking factor. It is an appropriate space for placing the keywords. It is the snippet of information to search result in SERP given below the link. It should display the keywords in bold format. If the description is catchy enough then it will help to attract a lot of customers and they click on the website to look for the details.

URL structure:

It is always placed below the title of the content. It is also one of major factor responsible for high rankings. Your URL should not be too long so, edit your website content and reduce the character limit. Always use hyphens instead of space to separate the words. Your URL must be in lowercase only. These are the part of how searchers choose which link to click.

Keyword density:

The content of your website should contain relevant keywords but not to exceed the limit. The search engines would spam your website if you mention more than your limit. It works well in about 3 to 5%. Targeted keywords must include in the beginning and conclusion of the content. Highlight or underline them in order to get the attention and for the better search result.

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