5 Proven Methods of Obtaining Gold in World of Warcraft Classic

5 Proven Methods of Obtaining Gold in World of Warcraft Classic

Once upon a time, obtaining gold did not cause any particular problems for gamers. This resource was one of the most common. Each player could easily replenish their stocks since such a currency fell out after fighting many monsters, as well as after completing tasks and quests in which it was a reward.

However, if you ask gamers who play the classic version of the game, they will answer that earning gold is a very difficult and complex task that requires not only a huge amount of patience but also skills.

In this article, we have collected for you proven methods for obtaining this currency, which you can use right now. If patience is not your main character trait, then you have the opportunity to buy WoW gold and in 15-60 minutes enjoy your large reserves, as well as spend them on what you have long wanted.

Become an item trader

To be able to constantly replenish your gold reserves, you should choose gathering professions. Your character can engage in herbalism, skinning, or mining. As you advance your character, you will be able to collect items that will be of particular value to other characters who will be willing to pay for them in full. Thus, when you find something valuable and interesting, then do not leave it to yourself, it is better to keep it until better times when there is someone who will pay a lot of gold for the item. To quickly find someone who will reach for his wallet, try to search among the characters who have professions related to the craft.

Choose the most fruitful profession

Each gathering profession has its characteristics, so it is worthwhile to study the advantages and disadvantages of each to get into a more profitable business. You have three options:

  • Herbalism. The characters involved in this business are always of benefit to other characters since they have in their supplies precious potions and elixirs that can protect players from the blows and damage inflicted by monsters and bosses.
  • Skinning. If you compare the first and second professions, the first brings more profit. However, the beauty of this profession is that it allows you to devote more time to pump your character. The bottom line is that you only need to kill enemies and later take their skin.
  • Mining, as well as the first profession, can be useful in various endeavors, but the big disadvantage for many users can be that leveling up will take a long time.

Create an additional character

Many players additionally create another character to develop in several directions at the same time. If you want to create another one as well, then we recommend that you have the second character have the Enchanter profession, while the first one has the gathering profession. Both characters need to be constantly pumped to develop skills.

In the case of the second character, you need to pay special attention to improving your enchanting skill. Thus, you will be able to get the opportunity to disenchant rare items that can bring a lot of resources. Try to have both characters develop at the same time.

Check out the Auction House regularly

If you check it out daily, you will understand that you can find great deals among all those presented. You can check up-to-date prices for low-level materials that may be useful to your second character to create enchantments. What’s more, you can purchase some items that can be disenchanted at a bargain price.

Another benefit of regularly reviewing current offers is that you can analyze which resources are in short supply and which are in abundance. After conducting the analysis, you will be able to predict the moment when some resource will be in short supply and other characters will be ready to pay a lot. Thus, you have a chance to buy resources at a low price, and in a period of increased demand, start selling at an inflated price.

However, it is worth saying right away that everything may not be as great as it might seem at first glance. This is a rather risky method, because if you analyze incorrectly, make predictions and spend a lot of your gold buying items and resources that no one will buy from you later, or if you cannot sell everything that you bought, then you will find yourself in a difficult situation. Therefore, proceed only at your peril and risk.

5 Proven Methods of Obtaining Gold in World of Warcraft Classic

Start a small business

You can engage in more than just gathering professions to accumulate sufficient reserves of gold. Other professions may be just as profitable, but obtaining gold may not be as fast. You can choose one of the professions, which is to create items. Everyone understands that if the character’s skill is well-developed, then he can produce quite popular items, as well as rare items, the sales of which can be quite profitable.

Thus, if you are engaged in the production of items, you constantly improve your skills and study the relevance of items, then after some time, you will be able to produce something that will enjoy a special increased sport. You can start your own business that will bring you gold.


When playing the classic version of the game, you may find that getting gold can be very difficult. It is necessary to constantly find ways to help replenish stocks. Finding ways on your own is difficult and time-consuming. In this regard, we decided to help each player in this.

You can choose one of the promising professions and improve your skills to get gold faster. You can also create an additional character that will disenchant items, take a chance and play on the increased demand in the Auction House, or start your own business in the game.

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