5 Science-Backed Reasons To Opt for a Minimalist Home

5 Science-Backed Reasons To Opt for a Minimalist Home
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Whether you have moved into your new home and are looking to find your style, or you wish to breathe new life into your current property, minimalism can be an extremely beneficial style to adopt. Of course, as Scandinavian design teaches us, minimalism can help you create a timeless, beautiful home and focus on quality over quantity. 

But the benefits of this lifestyle philosophy go much further than that! Indeed, science has been studying how our indoor home environment influences our health, ability to focus, and mental wellbeing. In the sections below, you can find a few of the many science-backed reasons to adopt minimalism in 2022. 

Clutter Takes a Toll on Your Cognitive Ability

Clutter negatively affects both mind and body. In particular, in a cluttered room, we will find it more difficult to focus, concentrate, and cut out distractions. Studies show that the brain has to work twice as hard to cut out the clutter and background noise to focus on the task we have in front of us. 

Aside from decreasing productivity levels, this increases feelings of tiredness and fatigue. Oppositely, in a minimalist, clean, and airy environment, we find it easier to focus. Keep this in mind when designing your home office!

Minimalism Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Several studies have connected the number of household items and amount of clutter with increased anxiety and stress levels. So, if you are looking to create a home environment that is totally relaxing and enjoyable for the whole family, you should avoid adding too many items or letting clutter take over! 

Fewer Items Mean a Healthier Indoor Environment

Another downside of a cluttered home is that it is much more difficult to clean. Over the past few months, we have all spent an increased amount of time indoors, which made it a priority for everyone to reevaluate the indoor environment and air quality. To maintain a healthy atmosphere, it is essential to keep the environment clean, free of dust and mould, and let plenty of natural light and fresh air in. 

If you wish to create a healthier home environment but you don’t wish to get rid of all of your possessions, you might consider investing in affordable self-storage solutions. 

Minimalism Can Improve Your Finances

Minimalism is not just something that affects the style and decor of your home. Instead, it is a way of living a whole lifestyle! And, since this whole philosophy focuses on quality over quantity, you will find yourself cutting down on purchases and downsizing the living space you need. In turn, you might entirely rethink your shopping habits which can help you limit unnecessary expenditures and improve your savings. 

Minimalism Leads to Higher Life Satisfaction Levels

2015 studies tell us that simplifying your life can have endless benefits on our mindfulness level, self-awareness, and ability to reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, those who live with fewer possessions and household items are seen to be more satisfied with their quality of life. Whether that is because they can save more on their expenses or because of a shift in mindset, minimalism can truly transform one’s life. 

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