5 Things That Matter When Creating Impactful Explainer Videos In Australia

5 Things That Matter When Creating Impactful Explainer Videos In Australia
5 Things That Matter When Creating Impactful Explainer Videos In Australia

Australian companies are not exempt from the impact of digital marketing. The market has an expectation of USD 8.35 Billion for 2021, a rise of 12.2% YoY.

Most of it comes from mobile; it’s already at 53% compared to PC’s 47%, with high growth expectations in the coming years. The technological advancements in the mobile space are making it possible to run desktop-quality digital media on them. The explainer video is one such type of media.

Production of explainer videos Australia is a part of the larger video marketing landscape, with an estimated share of the 2021 digital ad market at USD 802.9 Million. They are popular because of the impact they make on the audience.

Impactful Matters in An Explainer Video

Explainers offer the flexibility to be made for every demographic while sticking to the marketing strategy of origin. When making explainer videos in Australia, local factors have the prominence to make it more relevant and impactful.

Sticking To the Script

The script contains the meat of the message a company wants to send across. Therefore, it must not deviate from the overall marketing strategy while exploring creative ways of bringing it out.

A production agency might ask the client to fill out a creative brief. It’s a questionnaire that seeks to learn the business’s goals at its highest level. It’ll help you define them for the agency. For example, if your company sells footwear, which is a big market in Australia, explain it, and your business, in the best possible and concise manner in the questionnaire.

Following the KISS Method

KISS is an acronym for Keep-It-Simple-Silly. It is applied whenever a brainstorming process hits a roadblock because of complicated ideas floating around. It encourages people to get back to the fundamentals of the project and stick close to it.

The KISS method stops creators from going too wild with their ideas, in turn, ruining the project. They only need to define the problem, come up with a solution, describe in brief how it works, and create a call to action.

This approach makes the whole video easy to digest to any audience. And Australians being the easy-going crowd they are, will love this approach.

Using Professional Voice Overs

No matter how casual your explainer video, it must not have a voiceover that sounds like it’s from someone behind the camera at a party. Professional voice overs add a slayer of seriousness and professionalism to your video regardless of its content type.

Characteristics of the voice, like tone, pitch, emotions, pronunciation, etc., must go well with what’s shown on screen. Hiring a native speaker, will retain the accent and make the explainer videos in Australia more relatable to a local listener. The accent could also make an impression on an outsider and draw them to the business.


A creative pursuit gets its name because it has room for creative exploration and experimentation. An explainer video will become a bore and an eye-sore if it isn’t creative.

You and the creators must be willing to experiment with every aspect to add vibrancy to it. Emphasise the entertainment factor and the benefits of using the solution. Just quoting statistics and features in a fanciful way won’t help to connect with your target audience.

Plan the Perfect Launch

The plan to launch the video is forgotten often amidst the entire hullabaloo. Yet, without it, the video might not make the impact expected, despite having all that’s needed. Consider things like hosting sites, its place in the marketing plan, integration in the website and social media posts, etc. The plan’s design for the video must make it have maximum impact.

Explainer videos have become vital for any organisation in this generation. Making the right video will have a positive effect on the target audience and help promote your products/ services.

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