5 Things You Need to Know About Home Insurance Riders

5 Things You Need to Know About Home Insurance Riders

Home insurance policies protect you and your home if the unthinkable happens. However, a basic home insurance policy has limited coverage. To supplement these gaps, you can add riders, which can add, exclude, or even change your insurance coverage to better suit your needs. 

What are Home Insurance Riders?

A home insurance rider is an additional document that augments a standard homeowner’s policy. This rider typically covers items not included in the original agreement, such as valuable items like jewelry or art. 

It also might provide additional coverage for natural disasters, structure damage due to flooding, mold growth, and other specific risks. Homeowners can purchase riders when they sign up for homeowner’s insurance or add a rider to an existing policy.

It is important to remember that riders have limitations. They often require the item being insured to be appraised and listed separately on the policy, and they may also limit coverage based on how much the item is valued. Additionally, most homeowners insurance riders come with a deductible that must be paid separately from the regular homeowner’s policy.

Riders can come at an additional cost, but they are typically worth it if you want to keep your valuable items safe against risk. It’s recommended to shop around and compare premiums before deciding on a home insurance rider, as some companies may offer better prices than others. Make sure the policy you choose will give you the coverage you need.

It Accommodates Jewelry

One common reason homeowners get a rider on home insurance is to insure their fine jewelry, like engagement and wedding rings. Home insurance policies usually only have very limited coverage for jewelry, which is not enough if you own multiple expensive jewelry pieces. Thus, to accommodate your collection, they get a home insurance rider.

Jewelry riders cover each piece at an agreed value, usually determined after the jewelry is appraised. That said, if ever one of your jewelry is damaged, robbed, or lost, it will be covered by the home insurance policy according to the value agreed upon in the contract.

It Can Protect You From Other Dangers

In a basic home insurance policy, there are quite a few perils that are typically covered. Standard insurance covers perils like fire, lightning, theft, and vandalism. But, of course, that’s not the only type of peril that might damage or make your house uninhabitable. In short, basic insurance policies can only protect your home from a limited list of perils. And to fill this gap, you can use home insurance riders.

With a home insurance rider, you can accommodate other types of peril like tornadoes, hurricanes, water damage, etc.

Home Business Protection

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people and companies have resorted to working from home. It was the soundest decision back in the day. However, even if the pandemic was finally curtailed, many people still stay home-based for various reasons. If you want to protect your home office, work equipment, furniture, and other business-related property, adding a home insurance rider that can accommodate them is a wise decision.

Not only that, but it also covers some liabilities in specific scenarios. For example, a home insurance rider can cover medical and legal expenses if your client visits your home office and, unfortunately, gets into an accident. 

You might think, “My home insurance already has liability coverage, so it’s not a problem.” That might be the case, but if the person injured is a client or a coworker, some home insurance policies can’t cover that since they’re work-related people. Thus, if you also want to cover these things, adding a home insurance rider can help you.

When Do You Need a Home Insurance Rider?

It’s usually recommended that if you have something in your house worth insuring but isn’t covered by your standard home insurance policy, it’s better to have them insured. Not only is it less of a hassle, but you could also save some money since you’re only paying for a single premium each month.

Also, for your valuables like jewelry and gadgets, it’s better to have them appraised before requesting a home insurance rider. It’s also important to note that home insurance riders don’t only include gadgets and jewelry. You could also have other valuables insured, like your fur rugs, appliances, silverware, etc. However, if you think you have much more valuables than the average person, getting additional coverage might be better than opting for home insurance riders.

Final Words

Overall, home insurance riders can provide extra protection for items not covered by a standard homeowner policy and offer peace of mind when protecting valuable items. Before purchasing any rider, make sure you understand the coverage limits and associated costs to prepare if something happens to your insured items. 

Careful research and budgeting can put you in a better position to secure the coverage you need.

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