5 Things Your Boss Doesn’t Want To Tell You About Your Value

5 Things Your Boss Doesn't Want To Tell You About Your Value
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Your boss wants you to believe that the only way for you to succeed financially is to knuckle down and do some hard work. But that’s not actually the reality of the situation. We tend to believe that our bosses have real power over us, but it’s actually the reverse. They create the illusion of being in control but, ultimately, it is the people who do the work that generate the revenues for everyone else. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the things that your boss doesn’t want to tell you. 

You Can Get Paid More Elsewhere

Most companies don’t want to admit to their employees that they can get paid more elsewhere, but it’s true. You only have to look at the data. Employees who are willing to make the jump between firms are much more likely to get paid more than those who stick with the same company. In fact, you probably have examples of this in your own life. Somebody could be working in the same role but earn 40 percent more in company B compared to company A. 

You Can Get More Benefits

Your employer often wants to keep you in the dark about your rights. However, if you speak to a workers comp attorney, you soon find that you actually have many options to file against your employer. There are dozens of laws on the books that allow you to get more benefits, seek compensation and generally ensure that you get paid what they owe you. 

Your Boss Needs You

Worse still, your boss actually really needs you. Most companies wouldn’t be able to survive if 30 percent of their staff left in the same week. It’s just not possible to replace missing skills overnight – and many companies know this. 

When it comes to the crunch, most bosses will attempt to hold onto you. Never accept a counter offer. Always go with the firm that offers you the best pay and conditions upfront. 

You Could Earn More Money If You Served Their Needs

The idea that you spend your entire day serving the needs of your boss seems dystopian to say the least. After all, aren’t you supposed to be catering to your customers? 

Well, it turns out that, in many organizations, employees’ real customers are their bosses. And that means that if you can get in their good books, you can progress your career rapidly. 

Your ability to ingratiate yourself with senior members of the firm is actually the strongest predictor that you will progress up the ranks. Once you convince the decision-makers around you that you can do excellent work for the company, they will agree to promote you, giving you more responsibility. In turn, this should lead to a much higher pay packet at the end of the month. 

Your Skills Are Valuable

Lastly, bosses don’t always want to tell you how valuable your skills are. If they can pay you less than the market rate, they will. Always look for opportunities to upgrade yourself elsewhere.

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