5 TV Shows That Give Us Major Wardrobe Envy

5 TV Shows That Give Us Major Wardrobe Envy

When it comes to style, TV has long been a leading source of inspiration. The show doesn’t even have to be about fashion for it to have an influence over the way we dress. While we may or may not wish we could actually live the life of some of these characters (hard pass on being accused of murder), we’re definitely experiencing major wardrobe envy. Read on to find inspiration for your next outfit for the office or night out on the town.

1. Bridgerton

We love the passion and the romance of Bridgerton, and the clothes are no small part of creating the mood. A hunting dress may not be the most practical thing for a modern gal to sport, but we all wish we could look as good as Kate in a stylish top hat. And while we might not be too keen on corsets, Bridgerton gives us serious jewelry envy. We can’t get enough of those glittering gowns, sparkling hair ornaments and gorgeous pearl necklaces. And who wouldn’t love an excuse to don a tiara?

2. Scandal

The real politicos on Capitol Hill aren’t necessarily known for their fashion acumen, but this is not the case for the crew of Scandal. They never seem to have a bad hair day or stare hopelessly into their closet wondering what to wear. Cashmere overcoats, impeccable power suits, sexy silk blouses, heck, even their casual sweaters look amazing. Always cool, always chic, those gals define modern style. We’re still bummed the show ended. In case you’re wondering where all those dreamy duds are today, word has it they’re safely stowed in a Disney vault.

3. Empire

The drama of Empire is great. The music is excellent too. But it’s the fashion that keeps us tuning it. The outfits never fail to entertain. It’s so much fun to imagine how we would look in a leopard dress and matching fedora or that red leather and chains get-up à la Michael Jackson. And how about that matching LE SNOB coat, hat, and bag ensemble? Few of us are brave enough to wear a see-through lace shirt to work, but it’s oh-so-appealing to live vicariously through someone who is. As for the men, there’s something incredibly sexy about the turtleneck and scarf combo.

4. Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars has a lot going for it: the mystery! the plot twists! the quips! But one of the best things about the show is the never-ending fashion parade. No matter where the Liars go, to school, out shopping, or even just for a jog, they always looked fabulous. Why did we never think of wearing a skull shirt and pleated leather skirt to math class? If only all our friends were this stylish.

5. Gossip Girl

New York is the center of fashion and only the foolish or clueless walk its streets without taking some care with their ensemble. Yet another oldie but goodie, Gossip Girl still gives us wardrobe envy. Preppy, elegant, edgy or vintage, the Girls had it all going on. Fun fact: Blair never wore the same headband twice. While we’re talking Big City fashion, honorable mentions to Sex and the City and Mad Men. The characters’ adventures and misadventures were that much more exciting for being wrapped up in such stylish attire. So many of Samatha’s outfits are still cool today, and we love a man in a sharp suit. As for the ladies of Mad Men, that gorgeous black satin dress with the beaded shrug and the sexy floral choker lives on as the ultimate in sexy  and powerful. And it’s definitely time to bring back the sweater twin set. 


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