5 Ways to Make Your Little Girl Happy

5 Ways to Make Your Little Girl Happy
5 Ways to Make Your Little Girl Happy

Having a daughter is probably one of the most amazing adult experiences. From the moment she comes into your life, you get a new sense of purpose. Even before she is born, you fill your home with little girls dresses in anticipation. She fills your heart with indescribable love and all you want is to keep her happy. How best can we then keep our beloved little girls happy and hopefully ready for the world? Here are 5 ideas you can try to make your daughter happy and keep her that way for years.

1. Support Her Interests

This is very important for any child and cannot be stated enough. When your little girl is growing up, she is finding her identity. How you as the parent respond to this revelation will determine your child’s mindset about how life will receive them. This is a very delicate situation because children are pure. What they reveal themselves to be at that point is who they truly are. The best thing to do is to show her that you are interested in what she likes and support it. It is also important to help her grow her skills in her areas of interest. She will give her very solid confidence to face bullies and failure.

2. Show Up to Her Events

This is connected to the first point. Showing up for talent shows, parent-teacher meetings, and sporting events is very important. This helps your daughter have a secure attachment style that will help her develop sound emotional intelligence. Being there for your little girl most of the time, because all the time may be impossible, is invaluable.

3. Buy Her Gifts

There is nothing wrong with indulging your daughter. Get her random gifts now and then, to teach her how to be hopeful in life. Anything from girl’s dresses to dolls; candy to queen cakes will do. It would also be wise to get a gift more meaningful to her now and again. To do this, you would need to take time and get to know her well.

4. Help Her Make Friends

Socializing is one of the most difficult things we need to navigate as humans. As a parent, the challenge is double-fold because you need to pass on some of these skills. With high societal expectations for your little lady, you may feel some pressure to give her a head start. The best you can do is to teach her how to create a supportive system on her own. You will not always be there, but you can teach her from an early age how to stay emotionally safe. Help her learn how to test character and how to assert herself. Invite her friends over and let her go on play dates on her own. On a lighter note, this will also give her more chances to play with her friends. You could never go wrong with that.

5. Be There for Her

Last but not least, you should be present for your daughter. Whether she is happy, sad, excited or moody, being there for her gives her a sense of security and confidence to handle daily life. By being available, you will not just make her happy. You will be contributing positively to her future psychological and emotional well-being.

Your little girl’s happiness is very precious. With all the love in your heart channeled most compassionately, you will surely succeed in making her the happiest girl in the world.

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