6 Possible Causes of Fatigue

6 Possible Causes of Fatigue

6 Possible Causes of Fatigue

The symptom of fatigue is one that plagues many people all around the world each day. It shows its form in tiredness, absence of energy, and a lack of motivation. Fatigue is more than just feeling sleepy; usually, the person experiences a lack of energy severe enough to impact daily life. For this reason, it’s important to get to the root cause. Here are seven possible reasons you might be experiencing fatigue.

1. Lifestyle Choices

Sometimes, the cause of fatigue is as simple as your lifestyle choices. It can vary from person to person, but certain triggers can cause a person to suffer. This includes diet, stress, alcohol consumption, caffeine intake, physical fitness, and more. If you are concerned about your lifestyle, causing fatigue, then you should visit your doctor to get to the bottom of it.

2. Anemia 

Anemia is a common condition that is caused by iron deficiency. It is more frequent infertile women due to heavy menstruation. On top of fatigue, there are a few symptoms of anemia, including headaches, dizziness, and an irregular heartbeat. If you are experiencing a mixture of these symptoms, then you can get a blood test at your doctor to determine whether or not you are iron deficient. Luckily, the treatment is usually quite simple and in the form of diet changes and/or iron supplements.

3. Mental Illness

Some mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety can cause the sufferer to experience fatigue. It is usually in conjunction with other symptoms such as persistent low moods, panic attacks, and other mental health symptoms. Usually, mental health is diagnosed once other possible explanations have been eradicated, and the patient is suffering from more than fatigue. The treatment for mental illness ranges from the illness itself to the patient, but it includes therapy and prescription medications.

4. Lyme Disease 

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is transmitted to humans through ticks. The most common symptom of Lyme disease is a bullseye rash in the affected area, but other symptoms include fatigue, aches, and a fever. If you experience these symptoms and have possibly been exposed to ticks, then you should seek a Lyme disease test to make sure you’re clear, as it can cause ongoing medical problems.

5. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is one that hasn’t always been recognized as an illness, but now it is. The main symptom is extreme fatigue, and because there are no tests, it is usually diagnosed after a doctor has found no other cause of it in the patient. Other symptoms include memory loss, a lack of concentration, and muscle pain. It can take a while to get diagnosed, but many patients feel relief once they are.

6. Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes muscle pain, bone pain, and extreme fatigue. Its symptoms can cause sufferers immense amounts of agony and difficulty getting on with everyday life. The causes range from genetics to stress, and treatments include medications and lifestyle adjustments.

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