6 Self-Care Tips for Nurses

6 Self-Care Tips for Nurses

6 Self-Care Tips for Nurses

Life as a nurse is anything but stress-free. With the long hours, high responsibility, and the sheer array of people you must deal with each day, it’s not difficult to see why nurse burn-out is an issue. If you’re a nurse, you’ll know just how important it is to indulge in a little self-care, even if you find you don’t always find time for it! Here are some tips for taking that much needed time to yourself.

1. Find a Hobby

A lot of nurses see nursing as their life – and that’s fine! – but it’s also important to have something else to focus on outside of work. This can be anything, from something as small as reading to something extreme like snowboarding! Whatever it is, it will provide you with an outlet that doesn’t involve caring for the sick. You do a wonderful job at work, so let yourself do something for you when you leave.

2. Exercise and Eat Well

Looking after your body is crucial to your overall health. As a nurse, you look after others each day, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect yourself! Get plenty of exercise and eat the right kind of foods to reduce stress and give you enough strength to get through each day. Not only will it increase positivity, but you will also gain more energy for those long working hours that creep into the night.

3. Choose the Best Work Wear

You don’t want to be working long hours while wearing uncomfortable clothing. If you’re someone who wears bras, then choose a well-fitted, comfortable bra so you don’t cause any back pain. Shoes are also important. Find some slip resistant shoes for women so your feet aren’t crying out at the end of the day. After all, you’re spending most of the day on your feet, so you must make sure you look after them!

4. Embrace Friendships

As a nurse, you won’t get anywhere without good friends around you. When you’ve had a stressful day, sometimes all you need is a trip out with your friends to vent the problems away. What’s great about having nursing friends is that they will fully understand all your complaints, and they’ll surely have some of their own, too! Having someone there to listen as you offload will help you feel better and ready for another shift.

5. Stay Organized And Stay In The Know

Letting work overflow will only increase your stress. Get yourself a high-quality diary and keep track of your daily tasks, and you will find that you feel much more in control of your work. Keeping on top of everything may even free up some more time to spend on yourself.

As well as getting your work organization under control, keeping an eye on current issues in nursing can help ease any tension. It may sound counterintuitive to read up on trends and issues when your job may already be causing some added stress. But keeping your finger on the pulse of everything that might affect your job role means you’ll be better prepared when things change. When you’re better prepared and already know what’s coming, you’ll find any extra stress it causes is quickly brought under control.

It may sound daunting because when we hear the phrase ‘current issues in nursing,’ we assume it’s something negative. But that’s not the case. Quite often, current issues are related to a shortage of nurses which means you’re well placed to be a desirable employee. It can also mean there’s a pay rise expected for you. There’s nothing stressful about that.

6. Take Some Time Alone

Everyone needs time alone. It helps you grow as a person, and you see yourself without being defined by anyone else. When you’re around so many people all day, it is especially crucial. The time you find to spend with yourself is time that you should fully embrace and enjoy. It will help you relax and sift through your thoughts, which is key to a well-organized and stress-free mind.

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