6 Ways To Design A Productivity Boosting Office Space

6 Ways To Design A Productivity Boosting Office Space
6 Ways To Design A Productivity Boosting Office Space

Business owners rely on continuous productivity to succeed; if your business is falling short of your potential, of course, you’ll want to change that fast! Your office environment has a huge effect on the quality and quantity of work that you produce. To design an office that boosts productivity levels, consider these easy to implement ideas.

  1. Material Renovations 

An office that’s a little worse for wear will do nothing for your productivity levels! To feel creative and comfortable, employees need an aesthetically pleasing and well-kept environment. With this in mind, a few much-needed renovations could do wonders for your productivity levels. Contractors Inc is an excellent place to find commercial remodeling services, whether for interior or exterior remodels. You may also want to consider introducing MTA Cooling Solutions to ensure the environment is comfortable

  1. Earth-Friendly

A study carried out by the World Green Building Council proved that improving air quality leads to an ‘11% increase in productivity.’ One way that you can improve the air quality is to add plants. Indoor plants can help to remove toxic chemicals from the air, including benzene and formaldehyde. Another option is to add air purifiers and improve the ventilation.

Choose office resources and furniture made from earth-friendly and easily recyclable materials. You’ll find that an earth-friendly office contributes to improved well-being too.

  1. Ergonomic Workspaces

Ergonomic chairs are very important to create a healthy office. Without the right chairs, your staff could end up with injuries from sitting down. Ergonomic chairs support the spine properly, and allow staff to sit in the perfect position. For further help, try using devices such as ‘Upright Go’. It’s a smart device which you clip onto your clothing, on your upper back. The device vibrates whenever you are slouching, helping you to retain perfect posture. Healthy employees are productive employees!

  1. Color Psychology 

To boost productivity in your office, you’ve got to pay attention to color psychology. Decorate your office with bold colors that inspire creativity and energy. Such colors include sunshine yellow and cobalt blue. The color green is often linked to productivity and a sense of calm, meaning that green is another excellent choice for the office.

  1. Productivity Gadgets

Not all of your changes have to be structural; productivity gadgets are a straightforward way to give your staff the motivation they need. Provide your employees with standing desks; these are great for boosting energy levels and providing alternative workspaces. Under the desk bikes are another excellent way to keep your staff energized and productive. You could also try Time Flip; a fantastic digital dice that can help staff monitor how much time they spend on specific tasks and analyze the data.

  1. Plants As Decor

Plants aren’t just great for cleaning the air. Many studies have shown that plants raise endorphin levels and improve our moods. Happy staff tend to be more motivated and creative, so adding plants is another easy way to boost productivity!

With these five simple ideas you’ll improve workplace efficiency and see creativity levels soar. For further ideas check out productivity apps such as Rescue Time and Toggl.

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