7 Things That You Need To Learn About Betta Fish Before Getting One

7 Things That You Need To Learn About Betta Fish Before Getting One

Betta fish is one of the most beautiful fish you can get for your home aquarium that will basically look like water jewels. This species is also known as the Siamese fighting fish or betta, they are vibrantly colored and are often seen in the ornamental vases and brandy aquariums. They are also unique fish because they adapted themselves to extreme living circumstances, therefore they developed into a true labyrinth fish. As a result of this, they can take oxygen directly from the air. However, there are some things you should know before you decide to get one. 

How to Pick a Healthy Fish from the Store? 

There are some things you should know when picking your betta. Firstly, look at its environment and make sure it is clean, water clear, and well-maintained. Then look at the condition of other fish, for it is important for them not to have lumps and abrasions on their skin and scales and that they are smooth and with bright scales. Their eyes should look clear and they are supposed to react whenever you place a finger near them. 

Feeding Time 

Betta fish have vibrant and beautiful colors, and to have their colors showing their best, it is of immense importance to feed your betta properly. A thing you should know about feeding your betta is that they have upturned mouths and they eat their food from the water surface. There is a perfect balance of their diet and it consists of brine shrimps, daphnia, dried bloodworms, etc. Betta foods combine these three crucial elements in combination with vitamins and minerals. This is also very important for their color vibrancy and longevity. 

Water Quality 

When you have your betta fish in a tank or bowl then it is important to know this hack. Replace one-third of the water from the tank with a fresh one. This will make enough room for your fish to adjust to the pH of the clean water and to the temperature, additionally, this 1:3 ratio of the clean and existing water will not upset the ecological balance of your fish environment. This should be done every three to four days if we are talking about small tanks and bowls. If your tap water is high in chlorine, then you should consider adding a drop of de-chlorinator and use a fish tank conditioner. This is the part of your betta fish care guide that is mandatory to be understood and applied as it is not recommended to use soap or detergent when cleaning the decorations from the water tank, warm water will do the job, and remnants of detergent and disinfecting products can harm the fish. 

Another Fish in the Tank 

A thing you perhaps did not know is that two betta fish in a tank can be a problem. Unlike some other fish species, betta fish like fighting and will probably fight with the other betta fish no matter the gender. Bettas will rather swim alone and need a comfortable place to hide. They are not huge fans of the crowded spaces, therefore, some tank decorations such as aquatic caves and some plants will make a perfect corner for them to feel safe and tucked in. 


The unusual nature of this fish is that it just likes hot water, 78 degrees hot. However, it is too hot for your house and therefore you need a heater for your fish tank. These heaters are not expensive and are quite easy to set up. On the other hand, there are different sizes of these heaters and therefore you can end up with too hot water or barely heated. This is why it is important to have a thermometer showing you the optimal size of the waters. 

7 Things That You Need To Learn About Betta Fish Before Getting One

Check Tank Water Often 

This should be a part of your routine, and it is preferable for the tank water to be checked on a weekly basis. So, if you are using a filter or some other device, then make sure it functions properly. Another way of checking the water quality is by using water quality test strips that will show you everything from pH to chlorine levels. 

Water Conditioner 

A perfect way to ensure that everything is fine with the water in your fish tank is to treat their water with the water conditioner. This is an inexpensive way to bring waters of the betta fish tank necessary balance and it is formulated to maintain the optimal features that are beneficial for your fish. However, be careful when using it and carefully follow the instructions. 

Bettas are among the most popular home fish and are basically swimming jewels. They have beautiful colors depending on the species and demand special care. It is important for you to be properly informed before you decide to get one. 

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