7 Tips For Better Workplace Efficiency

7 Tips For Better Workplace Efficiency
7 Tips For Better Workplace Efficiency

Managing a whole team of people is not easy. It doesn’t matter how many workshops you take to be a better manager, there is only so much that you can do before order descends into total chaos. Grouping people into teams doesn’t always do well for a business, especially when you are dealing with strong personalities. However, a team of people should work together in spite of their differences – this is the workplace, not the playground.

As a manager, it’s up to you to make sure that personalities don’t clash and that you can ensure that your team works together. For this, you need to improve efficiency and productivity in your team and you need to make sure that you keep on top of it. Efficiency affects productivity and if there are ways to get your people working together, you should do them! So, let’s talk through seven tips that you need to make your workplace a happier place to be. 

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  1. Fun Activities. There is not one member of any team in any business that doesn’t groan internally when it comes to team building activities. They’re awkward and they suck most of the time, but if you think outside the box, you can help your team to work better together and have fun at the same time. Instead of round table discussion, why not pay for a weekend away or paintballing experiences. You do not need to choose activities that relate directly to your business – you can be creative!
  2. Additional Training. If you want your people to be efficient, you need to make sure that they know what they’re doing! Your staff can only be productive if they have the right skills and tools that will help them to do their job well. If your business is doing exceptionally well and you want to ensure that you can really get involved, why not invest in a Virtual Headquarters? You can have someone else handle your incoming calls and admin, which makes YOU more efficient as a leader. You need to invest in the right training, and that includes you!
  3. Ask. The best way to know how to make your staff more efficient is to ask them what they need most. People work in different ways and it can help your staff to feel like they’re being listened to and heard. If you are asking your people what they need, then you have a better shot at making them feel happier in their job. This leads directly to them feeling better about their work. And about you as a boss!
  4. Offer Bonuses. People respond to money, and it’s a fact of the workplace. If you want people to do well, offer them an incentive to do it. You need to improve the productivity of the people in your office, and you can increase motivation when there is a prize at the end of it.
  5. Delegate. We talked about a virtual headquarters for those who need someone to answer the phone, but you can also trust some of the responsibilities to those already working for you. Too much pressure on individuals in a team can create bad feelings and a slow down in production in your team. So, you need to see where the pressures are and then delegate elsewhere to alleviate the issues.
  6. Check Yourself. What kind of manager are you? Your management style will really make a difference to the people you are working with and you need to ask your staff what type of management style they respond to the most. If you know how they feel, you minimize the risk of adopting the wrong leadership style. When this happens, you won’t motivate people properly, and this then leads to crisis in the team. Be the manager that people need and the one that they want.
  7. Define Their Roles. Your team needs to have clear boundaries for their roles. You need to make sure that there is total clarity about who does what, as this will ensure that there is no disarray in the team. Disgruntled employees do not make a happy business! If your team knows their boundaries, they can work within their role and do it well.

You need to have a workplace filled with happy, productive employees, and you can be in charge of that with them. If you want to improve your workplace, then you should consider that you need to speak to your staff and ask them about what they need.

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