7 Ways To Streamline Your Company Tech

7 Ways To Streamline Your Company Tech

Are you using too many different programs and gadgets within your company? Is your information spread out over different programs and different devices? Streamlining your tech could be a way of getting rid of all the clutter and condensing what is left in order to make your company more organised and easy-to-maintain. This in turn could make you more productive. Below are just 7 ways in which you can streamline your company tech. 

Cancel unused software subscriptions

Start by looking at the software you use. Are you paying subscriptions for programs that you barely ever use? If so, consider cancelling these subscriptions. There’s no point paying a monthly fee for a form-building program that you’ve used once in a year. 

Sell machines you rarely use

There may also be machinery in your workplace that you rarely use. This could include a scanner that’s gathering dust in a corner of an office or an old computer sitting in a back office that doesn’t work. Don’t let these excess machines clutter up your office. It’s much more economical to hire machinery that you may only have to use once or twice per year. 

Store all data on the cloud

It’s important that all your data is stored in one easily accessible place. Cloud storage is the perfect solution – it allows you to access your files from any device in any location, giving you full flexibility as to where you can work. Try to avoid storing files on local servers or on hard-drives.

Switch to all-in-one tech solutions

Instead of having to switch between ten different programs, consider whether it could be an option to adopt an all-in-one software solution. This could give you everything you need in one place. This could involve migrating to an off-the-shelf program or you could consider getting your own custom software made. 

Centralize hardware using IoT

You may also be able to find ways of centralizing your hardware. IoT (internet of things) technology has become very popular recently and allows you to control aspects like heating, lighting or security remotely from a single app. If you own a factory, you may be able to link up all of your machinery in this fashion so that you can monitor it via your phone or computer. There are companies that specialize in PCB manufacturing and custom electronics that can build this tech for you. Research into different companies to find one that you trust.

Outsource all of your IT to one company

It’s possible to outsource tasks like cybersecurity, IT maintenance and digital marketing to different companies. However, you may find that you’re able to outsource all of this to one company. There are a growing number of digital one-stop-shop companies out there that can provide everything from web design to network maintenance. Consider whether relying on one such company could make your life easier.

Get all ongoing tech payments to come out on the same day

When it comes to software subscriptions, machinery finance, managed IT service fees and other ongoing tech-related expenses, consider scheduling these payments to all go out on the same day each month. This could help you to keep better track of payments so that you haven’t got various expenses coming out at different times. 

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