9 Apps You Need for a Hassle-Free Stay in New York City

9 Apps You Need for a Hassle-Free Stay in New York City
9 Apps You Need for a Hassle-Free Stay in New York City

New York is a sprawling, densely populated metropolis, and for some years it had a reputation of being unfriendly to tourists. A new generation of visitors to NYC may not be able to imagine their forebears going around with just cash and paper maps. But thankfully, New York has modernized even more, and much of the city is navigable with a few smartphone apps.

Apps make it a breeze to learn about NYC, to book transportation and accommodation, and to get great deals on shows and dining options. There are even apps to rent a bike for a day and to find a clean public toilet in the vicinity! Before you leave for your NYC holiday, make sure you’ve downloaded all these free apps on your smartphone or tablet. They’ll be of great help in making your way through—and ultimately enjoying—New York City!


In case you haven’t booked accommodation yet, or an emergency forces you to change your plans, you’ll be covered by HotelTonight. This app can help you find last-minute bookings that are all sorted by location. That will make it easy for you to find a midtown NYC hotel or accommodation in any other borough that you’d prefer. HotelTonight is cited by its users as being particularly mobile-friendly, and it is available on iOS and Android as well as Windows.


Going around New York as a tourist can be quite expensive, and it’s not always practical to spend money on a cab or Uber. It’d be best to become more familiar with New York’s comprehensive, albeit labyrinthine transport system. Luckily, the Citymapper app can assist you in doing just that. You can get visuals on where to go, what routes there are, and what time your chosen modes of transport leave. Citymapper is available on both Android and iOS.

NYC Ferry

Consider exploring NYC via ferry and skirting the city’s notorious traffic. The ferry itself is very reasonably priced, with each ride being just under $3. You can enjoy tranquil, picturesque journeys across the ferry routes of East River, Rockaway, Astoria, South Brooklyn, and the Lower East Side. Use the free app, available on both iOS and Android, to familiarize yourself with the ferry’s routes and schedules.

New York Pass – Travel Guide

The New York Pass app is a frazzled tourist’s best friend. It’s here that you can find organized info about New York’s major attractions, instructions on getting tickets, and some pro-tips about scouring the city. This app can be downloaded by both iOS and Android users. Plus, there’s no need to connect to the Internet to use it, as all of its resources are already laid out offline.


If hygiene and a comfortable throne are a priority to you, you can use the SitOrSquat app to find the locations of NYC’s cleanest toilets. On SitOrSquat’s map, public toilets are marked in green (which means “Sit,” or passably clean) or in red (which means “Squat,” or not-so-clean). Download this app on Apple’s App Store or on Google Play so you can worry less when you’re hit by the call of nature!


Review app Yelp will be as useful in NYC as it is in your home state. Here, you can find honest reviews about the food, service, and value for money in the New York restaurants you intend to check out. Yelp is available on both Android and iOS. If you already have it, make sure to update it in time for your NYC trip.


OpenTable is another good app to have on your phone to make dining in New York a pleasure. On this app, you can find info about all of New York’s key eats, from high-end restaurants to food trucks. Reserve a table, avoid long lines, and dig in as the locals do! You may download OpenTable on either the App Store or Google Play.

Citi Bike

Citi Bike is New York’s premier bike sharing program. Use the Citi Bike app, which is free on both iOS and Android, to find the nearest Citi Bike dock and book a day pass. Take in New York’s beautiful urban scenery on the saddle of your bike, and get a little exercise in, too!


For many travelers, the highlight of a trip to New York is watching a show on Broadway. The TKTS app can assist you in purchasing your desired tickets online, all without having to line up in a physical TKTS kiosk. TKTS can even give you access to same-day ticket deals and discounts. So even if it’s a last-minute decision on your part, you can still book show tickets via TKTS’s iPhone and Android app!

If you have these apps on hand, NYC will be less of a mystery. Prepare for your upcoming NYC trip by visiting your online app store and downloading these 9 apps today!

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