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9 Must Have Content Writing Skill Every Content Writer Should Build



Content Writing

We are living in an era where Content has a very huge impact on all of our lives so much so that, it has now become our medium to grow. Previously, things were not the same as they are today, the field of Content writing had boundaries, it was dependent on the places, people, and the old traditional mode by which we could see the world, say, the newspaper. Later the radios and the television broadcast were conceived but what remained unchanged is the content. Content has always been the constant force of connecting people. But while going through the contents, be it of any website, blog, newspaper, magazine, radio or anything, we certainly forget about the effort of the person who has penned down the mind-blowing contents. It a long journey of the person that has inculcated the such a fabulous content writing skill in them, that no one could ever take off their attention. Do you know what makes a normal person an amazing content writer? Well if you don’t, here are some of the writing skills you need to know to turn your content as good as another renowned people.

  1. Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience does not mean you have the know the people individually. You should be aware of their need in order to align the content for them because they are the one who is going to rate you. Knowing them is the only way to connect with them, otherwise, your efforts are worthless.

  1. Know Yourself

Just because you are able to build a few paragraphs it does not give you the tag of a writer. You should know the niches, you are good at, no one is an all rounder. So, never try to jump into something you do not know without proper homework. As some may be good at tech niches whereas some could be great at lifestyle.

  1. Readability Principles are important
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Whatever you write should ooze the essence of your mind. As contents are a medium of communication, it should speak on your behalf which is only possible if your content has these features:

  • Address the audience directly
  • Active Voice makes your content live
  • Simplicity and optimization should be kept in mind
  • Do not mix ideas it may confuse the readers
  1. Keep your content plagiarism free

If you steal or copy contents which are already published, you probably are going to lose your readers, and may also be penalized as it illegal, as there are a number of SEO tools to check the authenticity of your content. Writing your own words will not only help you get a good sum of money but also would help you build a good reputation in the market. As we all know, people always choose the one who stands out of the crowd.

  1. Keep it interesting

Nobody wants to read the long boring paragraphs. Try to keep your content interactive adding question answers, quotes, memes or images will do your job. This will not only help them entertain but hold their attention throughout the content, ultimately help you build a big fan following. As everyone who goes through your content may have different understanding abilities, some people understand more when they read, some prefer images, therefore, it’s the responsibility of a good content creator to reach the mind of people in every possible way.

  1. Subheading and Bullets

Bullets and subheading are the best way to break long contents. A content that takes a time of 5 minutes would often annoy the audience and they may quit it the middle. People lose interest if they are compelled to look into their screen continuously. Secondly, it also allows them to skip the heading they have already covered, as there may be chances of any disturbance while the reader is into your content, it helps them get back and also link with the niche of the content. Presentation plays an important role in conveying the idea behind the content.

  1. Proofread your content

No matter how versatile your content may be a single mistake be it a spelling or grammar may be a reason for your disappointment. It’s in human nature we are very prone to pointing out the error or others. But the being a human all time perfection can be a challenging job especially when the content is too long. When you have completed writing proofread your content, assume yourself as a reader, it will help you get rid of the error. Moreover, it will also help you built your writing skill stronger so that you do not repeat the same mistake next time.

  1. Proper Research

A good writer would never start writing as soon as they get a topic, he or she will collect maximum information about it. As he has to represent his view in front of more than a million people, it should be genuine and original. Spreading fake information would in turn never let you grow. He should always refer different sources and get the up to date info to be double sure about what you are writing, as it’s not only about you but also the organization you work for.

  1. Change with time

Every time the same style me bore your audience as they are connected to you to get something new every time. If you continue with the same thing again and again, be it the writing style, the content niches or the communication, you may be dragged from the list of best writers to the list of other common content writers. You may not find all the niches as interesting as your favorite one, but learning new things is never a bad idea, who know you are going to rock. Secondly, a good writer should always care about all the generation as your audiences may vary in terms of age as well as mentality.

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So, this was all that can help you become a good content writer. Building some strong content writing skill not only will help your personal self but also helps in the growth of the organization, because we know the organization by the content they present. Hope this article was helpful to you as my self being a content writer would love to know your view on my writing and also mention how this article helped you in the comment below.

I'm Jitender Sharma. I'm Founder of TheNextHint.Com. I'm a entrepreneur and internet marketer with over 5 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, Creative Writer and Digital Marketing Consultant.

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