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90s Sitcom Seinfeld Fans are Upset that Netflix’s Aspect Ratio Cuts out Jokes

90s Sitcom Seinfeld Fans are Upset that Netflix's Aspect Ratio Cuts out Jokes

Exemplary ’90s sitcom Seinfeld just arrived on Netflix following a six-year run on Hulu. As verified by Rolling Stone, that implies some visual gags have in a real sense been eradicated. The show is available on HD. Netflix offers a great experience to the users. The fans love the series. It is a great one to watch with friends and family. 

Fans are Really Excited For 90s Sitcom Seinfeld

Twitter clients @boriskarkov and @Thatoneguy64 briefly brought up the issue with a particular scene called “The Pothole.”

In the scene, George Costanza and Jerry Seinfeld are attempting to track down George’s lost keys.  They were dropped in a pothole that was then cleared over. In a harvest where George fiercely hollers at the pothole, the Netflix crop eliminates the pothole. 

Obviously, this is certifiably not another issue

Yields of ’90s sitcom Seinfeld have been on digital TV for quite a long time, and Hulu likewise showed the series in 16:9, also.

Given Netflix’s ubiquity, Seinfeld is getting heaps of additional consideration at the present time.  And in this manner a lot of new watchers are presumably looking at it who probably won’t have seen it on Hulu.

A comparable contention occurred in late 2019 when the whole run of The Simpsons hit Disney+. After a lot of grumblings about missed visual gags, Disney ultimately delivered the seasons.  It circulated in 4:3 in their unique viewpoint proportion.

Ideally Netflix will do exactly the same thing with Seinfeld. However meanwhile, similarly as with numerous exemplary shows, the most real approach to watch them is presumably on DVD.

Are you a fan of the series? Are you planning to watch it on Netflix? Do let us know your experience with it. We will also keep you updated with the latest happenings. Happy viewing with Netflix. Keep watching and enjoy the funny moments. 

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