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A 1995 Prey Prototype Leaks Online – Offers Unseen Glimpses

A 1995 Prey Prototype Leaks Online – Offers Unseen Glimpses

Gamers now have the opportunity to explore a version of Prey that never made it out of development after leakers released a 1995 prototype build of 3D Realms’ portal-powered shooter online.

Prey, the portal-based first-person shooter by 3D Realms, has had an early build of its original version leaked to the public. For the first time ever, gamers have a chance to play this unfinished game that was never able to be released. This leak follows after only months since another leaker gave us access to Duke Nukem Forever, also developed by 3D Realms but just as notorious and long overdue as Prey.

3D Realms first proclaimed Prey in 1995, with the intent of permitting players to move through its universe via gateways – an idea that Valve would later popularize nearly ten years after with Portal. Established for their work on Wolfenstein 3D-inspired Rise of the Triad shooter game, 3D Realms experimented extensively while attempting to accurately compose both Prey’s mechanics and storyline.

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At E3 in 1997 and 1998, gamers were enthralled by the demos of portal technology featured in Prey. Unfortunately, technical difficulties caused that version to remain unfinished for years until 2006 when a modified version was released running on the id Tech 4 engine. 

In a recent post to r/GamingLeaksAndRumors, Redditor enterthedragonpunch disclosed that an early prototype of 3D Realms’ Prey from November 1995 had been uploaded and is available for download on This build is playable and allows gamers to tinker around with display modes as well as access the console in-game. There are many demo files provided that can be played back utilizing commands entered into the console too. Shockingly, no information was given about how Hogsy, the user who released this leak, managed to get their hands on it.

Fans of this classic first-person shooter game were thrilled about the unexpected leak, one user even speculating if a past 3D Realms employee might be behind both the Prey and Duke Nukem Forever leaks. Taking into consideration its extended and problematic development history, one commentator was elated to witness early versions of gameplay components featured in Prey’s 2006 launch. Another poster mentioned the recent Rayman 4 source code leak while wishing gaming enthusiasts an exciting Christmas with these two unexpected leaks.

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