A 2022 Microsoft AZ-900 Study Guide and Overview

A 2022 Microsoft AZ-900 Study Guide and Overview
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Cloud computing expands into all industries, businesses, and sectors, generating new and exciting career opportunities. As a result, the Microsoft security courses and Azure Fundamentals exams are gaining popularity in the industry, with more and more people are interested in learning about cloud services. 

These courses are for professionals who want to work with cloud-based solutions and services. For instance, the AZ-900 exam is a fantastic gateway for people new to cloud computing to gain vast knowledge and experience about cloud-based solutions and services. So, if you are wondering about the AZ-900 exam, what experiences you need to have, and what you need to practice, then you are at the right place for all kinds of information. 

What is the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ 900) Certification exam? 

This certification exam validates a person’s fundamental knowledge of cloud concepts, Azure services, security, pricing, workloads, privacy, and support. In addition, the candidates must have a piece of prior knowledge in networking, computing, storage, application development, and application support. 

Things to Know About the Exam and Domain

Though the AZ-900 is still an entry-level exam, the sheer volume of domains it covers requires some serious preparation. As per the latest update, the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification exam consists of four different parts mentioned below: 

1. Describing Cloud Concepts (15-20%) for the Microsoft Cloud certification

2. Describing Core Azure Services (30-35%) 

3. Defining Privacy, Compliance, Security, and Trust (25-30%) 

4. Defining Service Level Agreements, Life Cycles, and Azure Pricing (20-25%) 

Let us understand each of the domains of the AZ-900 exam and for the Azure certification training: 

Describing Cloud Concepts: It is a good starting point for non-technical professionals looking to work with cloud-based solutions and services and technical individuals

looking to build and manage cloud applications. It is designed mainly to introduce general cloud computing and the types of services provided by cloud computing providers. 

Describing Core Azure Services: In addition, this informs us about the differences between regions, core Azure products, geographies, availability zones, resource groups, and Azure resource manager, services, solutions, and management tools in Microsoft Azure. 

Describing Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Trust: This provides us with the knowledge of tools and resources on Microsoft Azure used to ensure that your data, infrastructure, and overall systems are safe, secured, and trusted. In addition, it also checks the available resources to meet compliance requirements or the protection of confidential data in the Cloud. 

Describing Azure Pricing, Service Level Agreements, and Life Cycles: This gives us an overview of factors affecting Azure costs and how to minimize them, Azure support plans, Azure Service Level Agreements, and service life cycle in Azure. 

Important Details About the AZ-900 Exam

Here is some additional and vital information about the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam that you cannot miss: 

AZ-900 Qualification: All the Microsoft certification exams have a scoring basis out of 1000. To pass the AZ-900 exam and gain your Azure 

Fundamentals Badge, you need to score at least 700. 

The AZ-900 Exam is Challenging: Though the AZ-900 exam is a fundamentals certification, it is not easy. It generally covers vast topics and sub-topics that need rigorous practice and pre-requisite knowledge in specific areas. There are cases when the applicants had to take multiple examinations to acquire the certification. So, it is advisable to take it seriously and never give up. 

The Number of Questions: These may differ. But it is generally in between thirty to fifty questions. The number of questions changes with every updated syllabus. 

The Value of the AZ-900 Certification: The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam certification has no expiration. It has been prevalent for some time now. In addition, as per its popularity in various sectors, the value of the AZ-900 certification is not going down any time soon.

What Steps Should You Take to Crack the AZ-900 exam?

The AZ-900 examination can be intimidating for you if not prepared well. So let’s take understand a few of the most crucial steps to look for while preparing for it: 

● Look for the most reliable training courses. The Microsoft Azure website is the only reliable source of information that you should check. Start preparing for the exam by reading the documentation, FAQs, whitepapers, and case studies on the Microsoft Azure site. 

● Online training/courses can be helpful for you. Many sites provide hands-on guidance on Microsoft Azure training that you might want to take from the comfort of your home. These sites usually cover everything you need to know to take the exams in-depth and incorporate all the recent changes in the training. 

● A practice test is one of the most vital steps of preparation for you. Many even believe that the practice tests are more complicated than the actual exam, which is good. These practice tests will help you get acquainted with the exam format and help you with time management. 

Azure certification cost: the approximate cost would be $99. However, please note that it would vary from country to country. 

Summing Up 

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam is an essential milestone for professionals seeking increased knowledge in cloud services, security, and compliance. Having the Azure certifications in your curriculum vitae is undoubtedly going to boost your career. It is also a better way to distinguish yourself from your competitors and increase practical experience and knowledge in specific fields.

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