A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Automated Liquid Handling: Here’s What You Need to Know

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Automated Liquid Handling: Here’s What You Need to Know

There’s no refuting the fact that technology has encapsulated almost every industry across the globe. Even more so for the laboratories in different industries. This is why the majority of laboratories have understood the importance of automated liquid handling. In fact, several laboratories across the globe are trying to make the most out of this aspect. 

It is expected that the global automated liquid handling industry will cost somewhere around $1.05 billion. While this is an impressive figure, still many industries have yet to adopt this technology. 

This beginner’s guide is focused on helping you understand the amazing benefits of this efficient technology to the fullest. 

What Does it Do?

Automated liquid handling equipment is available In all shapes and sizes today. These machines usually have a motorized syringe or a pipette. This has a robotic arm attached to it. After all, it has to dispense a certain volume of liquid or sample of the right container. 

And most of the models are equipped with laboratory devices and will easily perform additional functions. They will even do the heater-cooler link to comply with the specific requirement. Such modifications are always required in the liquid handling process, and you cannot run away from them. 

What Are the Benefits?

Well, be it any aspect of technology, it has amazing benefits for every industry. The massive evolution of technology and scientific research has helped provide better methods for processing everything. As far as automated liquid handling is concerned, there are various benefits to it. First, since automated liquid handling uses cutting-edge technology, the chances of human error are from little to none. 

These machines have an amazing take on the accuracy of the results. And the chances of any error are very less. Additionally, the laboratory doesn’t need more people to take care of certain tasks. 

This way, the lab technician can spend time on other, more important activities. They can analyze more samples and curate them. This will eventually help save a lot of money in the future. And reducing the margin for effort for other tasks will make the process more economical and efficient. When lab technicians have more time to invest in research, they won’t have to focus on other tasks. 

What Can Be Automated?

Below is a list of everything that can be automated with the help of this technology:

  • Liquid Biopsy
  • Bio Array
  • Spot Printing
  • Liquid to Liquid Extraction
  • PCR Setup
  • Nucleic Acid Preparation

Which industries Acquire This Technology?

Let’s get it straight! From academics to healthcare, automated liquid handling has the power to change the dynamics of every industry across the globe. Even if you search for no-contact liquid handling, you will find a plethora of industries already using this technology to the fullest. 

For instance, if we discuss the agriculture industry, technicians use this technology to predict the prospective diseases in crops and livestock. After all, people involved in forensics also understand the importance of liquid handling. This helps scientists to come up with better results in their research. 

Today, there are various applications for the automated liquid handling industry. But the use of liquid handling machines usually varies amongst different industries. Scientists can easily classify the DNAs and take samples at the right time. 

No wonder there are various applications of liquid handling in the field of forensics. And the use of this technology will have a different impact on every industry. Understanding the use of automated liquid handling is important for everyone. 

How is This Technology So Successful in Today’s Time?

Well, in reality, the importance and precision of liquid handling can set the base for the most amazing studies and research. Even if there’s the slightest error during the study, it will cause the collapse of a certain business. But the use of correct liquid handling equipment can help reduce the risk of a major human error. This will also prevent the wastage of resources. 

Plus, it ensures safety and gives the best results with high efficiency. It’s important to have the right instrument to perform the process correctly. 

How is This Technology Helping Different Industries Evolve?

Gone are the days when industries embraced manual liquid handling. Now with the massive evolution of technology, automated liquid handling has become the need of the hour. It is widely accepted and a strong part of every industry that you can think of. As compared to conventionally pipetting, a liquid handler has a plethora of benefits to offer. 

Some of them are better reproductively, higher throughput, and less repetitive stress injuries to people. This is because several samples can be processed at the same time. As explained earlier, the agricultural industry has been at the forefront of the receiving end of the benefit. 

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