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A Few Basic Steps To Set Up TikTok Ads

A Few Basic Steps To Set Up TikTok Ads

Our message is that you ought to be using TikTok if you aren’t already. And your company should be as well. The network is rapidly overtaking Instagram in terms of youth interaction metrics, so if your target demographic is there, you must be expressing their voice there. We’ll walk you through how, to begin with, TikTok marketing in five easy ways in this article. We’ll also show you the ways to comment on your advertising. But before that, let’s discuss whether you should advertise on TikTok in the first place or not.

Why Do You Mean By TikTok Ads?

With over 2 billion installations to date, TikTok is the quickest developing network. TikTok could be a breath of refreshing air for those looking for innovative and entertaining ways to interact with one another, especially in this pandemic-ridden globe. You can start using the TikTok application to expose your talents in the form of videos and buy TikTok likes app to keep it viewed by many users globally. TikTok is not just about exposing your skills funnily and entertainingly; it also helps plenty of brands create ads and make promotions online. Now how to set up the TikTok advertising in 5 easy steps? Ad groups, ad campaigns, and ads are the three layers of TikTok advertising. We’ll walk you through the steps to develop each one in this part so you can get your TikTok advertising back in operation.

Step 1: Establish A Business Profile First

Although if you have a private TikTok profile, you’ll need to register a business account—we suggest using your company’s email address for this. Previously, getting your company authorized to promote on the site was required, but now anybody can sign up and begin creating campaigns.

Step 2: Make A Marketing Campaign

TikTok will direct you to the campaign setup page once you have a check-in. You’re in luck. You could successfully switch back to the “Campaign” section if you want to look around before getting started. This network is relatively easy, and you will not get stuck. Give your campaign a title and specify a budget or limit in the campaign options(settings)! On TikTok, one can quickly start a unique split testing in the campaign mode, which is a beautiful tool.

The moment has arrived to title your campaign and determine a budget for it. For every campaign, you must establish a marketing goal. TikTok, like other ad networks, simplifies things for you. Let’s go over the possibilities.

Step 3. Choose An Ad Group 

It’s when things start to work. Ad placements, information, budget, billing, and third-party monitoring are all available here. Of course, the specifics of your advertisement will vary depending on your campaign’s goal, but they must be apparent. If your goal is “traffic,” for instance, the ad specifics must specify whether you’re bringing consumers to your web page or an application and wherever you would like them to arrive.

Reminder: If you’re looking to drive deeper-funnel activities, you’ll have to add a TikTok pixel option to your website. It’s the same as putting a pixel on Twitter or Facebook; drop it onto the Google Tag Manager and then go.

Step 4: Start Making Your Advertisements

Don’t worry if your company doesn’t possess an in-house production team, a design team, or a videographer on staff. TikTok is the ultimate medium for UGC (user-generated content), and they’ll walk you through the procedure of creating an ad. For further information, see the screenshot below. The finest (BEST!) element about making TikTok advertising is that the channel will assist you in generating a clip with suitable background music based on uploaded pictures. Usually, we wouldn’t suggest using stock photos in a clip, but TikTok clips are short and easygoing. Therefore, it may be more intriguing if it appears less refined.

Step 5: Create An Invoicing And Payment System

You’re finally free to return home. Enter your billing information and payment information to be ready to begin displaying TikTok advertising! Make sure to check on your ad’s performance after uploading it. If there is any lack of engagement, you can take the help of Trollishly and develop your ad engagement further. You’ll get to know your next step only after learning the performance of your current ads. You could make alterations to your future ads based on this analysis. 

Keeping Track Of Your TikTok Advertising

TikTok includes a dashboard that shows all of the information from your adverts across the period you choose. The dashboard could be filtered based on your advertising group’s objective (e.g., CPC or CPM) or any other variables you chose while creating it. The best part is that TikTok allows you to extract your statistics! So whenever you wish to demonstrate to the CMO how your TikTok advertising is smashing it among individuals engaged in cars and games, this function comes in useful.


Kick start your advertising procedures right away! Then, you’re all set for TikTok marketing! Good luck with your endeavors. If you have a successful ad campaign already, We’d like to see it. Could you please share it with us?

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