A Guide To Meeting People In 2021- How To Date During A Pandemic

A Guide To Meeting People In 2021- How To Date During A Pandemic

The pandemic has altered the way we live and work but it’s also affected how we interact with others and meet new people. If you’re looking to date and you’re keen to get back out there and find a potential partner, here are some tips to help you navigate the dating scene in 2021. 

Online dating and apps

Online dating was popular long before the start of the pandemic but there has been a surge in activity in the last year. Dating online enables you to meet people from all over the world with a diverse range of interests, and crucially, during lockdowns, it also provided an opportunity to socialize safely. If you’re not already using apps or dating websites, consider uploading a profile. Research different apps and sites, read reviews and think about what you’re hoping to achieve. Some apps are more suited to those looking for a casual arrangement or friendships while others are geared towards those searching for ‘the one.’

Chat lines and forums

The pandemic has caused many of us to miss social contact and interaction. Even moments we might have viewed as insignificant before have made us think about how much we value communication. From chats with colleagues on the way to grab a coffee before work to those fleeting conversations with shop assistants when we call at the store on the way home, talking and seeing people in the flesh can make us feel better. If you’re missing conversation and you want to meet new people, you can visit pages like to find suitable chat lines or join online forums and communities via social media. You can decide whether you want to engage in friendly chat or explore opportunities to start a relationship.

Socially distanced and Covid-friendly dates

Dating in person may have been off the cards for a while but with restrictions easing, it is now possible to meet people and enjoy their company without worrying about putting your health at risk. Meeting outdoors, planning socially distanced dates and taking tests can help you date without anxiety. There are some great ideas for al fresco dates, including hiking, visiting national parks, kayaking, going to the beach, hanging out at the park, planning a bike ride, enjoying a picnic together or booking a table at a restaurant that has an outdoor area. 

Taking up new hobbies

Having a hobby is proven to boost health and wellbeing but it can also provide opportunities to meet new people and find partners that share your interests. From online gaming and virtual workout classes to playing golf, fishing or attending socially distanced art classes, there is a raft of options to consider. For more ideas, take a look at

A Guide To Meeting People In 2021- How To Date During A Pandemic

Dating during a pandemic may be more complex than usual but there are safe ways to meet people and form connections. If you’re looking to get back into dating, there are lots of things you can do to meet new people without putting your health in jeopardy. From taking up new hobbies and planning Covid-safe dates to dating online and using apps and chat lines, why not give these ideas a try?

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