A New Indexing Bug is An Investigation by Google

Again- a new indexing bug is an investigation by Google. But this time this bug is limited to only a few News publishers of Google.

Recently, Google said that they are investigating for the new indexing bug. This time the bug is impacting/targeting a limited number of Google news content publishers. Google authorities are working on it and will update the people time to time about this bug.

Something about last week indexing bug:

Google said that the indexing bug of last week is not similar to this indexing bug. They also added by saying that, this new indexing bug is impacting some of the Google news publishers. Hence, this proves that this indexing bug is not similar to the previous one.

The news publishers must recall the discovering issues in the Google news, where the contents of publishers were not indexed with relevant queries. But it is unclear about the new indexing bug whether it will index queries or not.

Indexing of publishers:

In clear words, Google gave a statement that this new indexing bug is impacting on a limited number of publishers. Google added that are currently investigating the issue and will give the people proper updates of this indexing bug.

Google also wrote that we are currently diagnosing the news issue now.

If you are a person who has uploaded or published their content in Google news, then you may get impacted by this indexing bug. You should take some steps to make the content available anywhere else if that’s the case.

Google is recently working on this issue to solve the problem of Google news publishers.

Get updated with us to know more about this new indexing bug that is impacting a few numbers of news publishers.

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