Accessories & Gadgets To Take Your Media Room To The Next Level

Accessories & Gadgets To Take Your Media Room To The Next Level

If you’re lucky enough to have your own media room in your home, you’re probably always on the look out for new gadgets and accessories to take your media room to the next level!

Whether you have a cosy little TV room, or an impressive home cinema set up there is always some room for improvement to make your home media room comfier, cooler or even just improve the quality of the media you enjoy.

Create A Vibrant Atmosphere With Ambilight TV Strips

Ambilight is a relatively new gadget that will work great in media rooms, while it now comes as standard for most Phillips Smart TVs, you can buy an Ambilight set from Phillips and fit it onto your Television. Ambilight is a smart LED strips, which syncs with the image on the screen of your TV to provide dynamic ambient lighting, creating an excellent ambiance whether you’re watching live sport or a cinematic masterpiece.

Get A Cinema Level Darkness With Casetted Window Blinds

Natural lighting is an area most people overlook when fitting out their media rooms, only discovering their mistake when the picture on their television is drowned out by outside light. If you want to get the best possible visual fidelity for watching movies, your media room should be as dark as possible. The best way to get a ‘cinema level’ darkness in your home is to install cassetted blinds in the window, these blinds will block out 100% of outside light, creating the perfect dark environment for you to enjoy your media room.

Prioritize Luxury & Comfort With An Electric Massage Chair

Obviously the most important parts of your media room should be the audio-visual set up, so that you can enjoy media at the highest quality, but if you want to get the maximum level of enjoyment, it helps to be comfortable. What could be a more comfortable way to root for your team, or enjoy the newest blockbuster than from the comfort of a massage chair? A massage chair is a big investment for your media room, but it’s worth it and you’ll likely never want to sit anywhere else!

Please Your Inner Audiophile With a New Soundbar

Having a good audio set up in your media room really makes a big difference and can greatly increase your enjoyment of any and all media. While you could play around with expensive surround sound speakers, soundbars are a perfectly good choice for quality audio. Soundbars have come a long way in the past few years, with many providing a level of audio quality you’d previously have had to pay an arm and a leg for. Even better as many modern soundbars have Bluetooth connections, you can also enjoy music and audiobooks in your media room, as well as movies and television.

Keep Snacks & Drinks On Hand With A Hidden Refrigerator

There are few treats in this life better than enjoying a snack and a can of fizzy-pop whilst you’re watching the latest hit movie, at the same time there aren’t many feelings worse than missing plot points while you’re grabbing snacks in the kitchen. So, an easy gadget to add to your media room that will take it to the next level is a hidden fridge to hold your snacks and beverages, either by tucking away a small fridge in your TV unit, or with a coffee table containing a hidden fridge.

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