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Adi Shankar’s ‘GUARDIANS OF JUSTICE’ Is Coming To Netflix In March

Adi Shankar's 'GUARDIANS OF JUSTICE' Is Coming To Netflix In March

Adi Shankar, the Indian-American Producer, is widely known for projects like Dredd, Castlevania, and his Bootleg Universe.

He is back with a great series on Netflix, which for sure will switch on flashbacks for you.

Guardians Of Justice

The full name Guardians of Justice (Will Save You!) is Adi’s latest project that will air on Netflix this year. Furthermore, critics have analyzed the comic to be true to the spirit of exciting and dark comics.

With a total of seven episodes to be aired out to the public, the Guardians of Justice is set to release anytime in March.

The show’s writers include Adi Shankar himself and Shawn Deloache, and Samuel Laskey.

The official page of Bootleg Universe posted an exclusive sneak peak of the show with the caption as, “an exclusive sneak peek of #GuardiansOfJustice … in competition at Canneseries next month. It’s ultimately a tale of the rise of Robo-Hitler, Cyborg T-Rexes with lasers, deadly ninjas, and a demonic squid alien invasion. It’s a wild project but an accurate representation of how Adi Shankar sees the world.”

The Plot

The plot or the synopsis of the series shows it to be exciting and a little nostalgic to all the action comics we had in the past.

The synopsis by Canneseries reads:

“The alien superhero MARVELOUS MAN has kept the earth at peace for 40 years.  A Devastating secret and its tragic consequences throws our world into chaos. It’s up to Marvelous Man’s bitter, violent lieutenant KNIGHT HAWK and idealistic do-gooder THE SPEED to stop nuclear war. A dark satire of the superhero genre, Guardians of Justice, mixes live-action with traditional animation, claymation, cut-out paper animation.

The people who grew up in the 80s and 90s will find a feel of total nostalgia with this series. It matches the vibe of the then cult-hit films of Dinorider, Thunderbirds, Batman’ 89, Ladyhawke, etc.

The expectations from the series are indeed very high. Henceforth, the fans of Bootleg Universe are excited for this new release by the Producer. 

The whole story, the delivery, the suspense, and the action are all expected to be amazing, with Guardians of Justice coming on Netflix on March 22.

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