Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Games

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Games

Modern people are accustomed to spending most of their free time on the computer screen. Often, they have fun playing games with friends. This is especially true for teenagers. Many consider such leisure a waste of time. However, games can also be useful. You can play interesting online games on Game Karma, enjoy the process, and develop your skills.

Pros of playing

You can often hear the conventional wisdom that games lead to degradation, dumbing people down. Is it true? We can safely assure you that this is not the case. After all, to become an excellent player, you need to be able to think. Games such as online strategies make you calculate not only your moves but also the actions of the enemy—only in this way can you win them.

These types of games encourage the development of imagination, which will have a positive effect on young players. This is facilitated by the beautiful landscapes in the game, the terrible monsters, and the fascinating storylines.

Many studies of the scientific community from different countries provided information that:

  • Computer games can develop in a person such indicators as attentiveness, concentration, reaction speed, memory, and even flexibility of thinking.
  • Some city-building strategies, like Cities: Skylines or Anno series games, teach you not only how to properly plan the development of the area but also introduce you in detail to all the nuances of city management and its economy.
  • While playing online games, you can meet interesting people and make many friends. This will help unsociable and self-contained people find like-minded people with whom they will be pleased to communicate.

Moreover, the advantages of online games for a computer include the possibility of making a profit with them. The emergence of e-sports has interested many. Various gaming tournaments with cash rewards make games more popular.

What are the possible drawbacks of playing online?

However, online games also have their drawbacks. The main disadvantage is the loss of time. You can play various kinds of walkers, shooters, and races for hours, and some games can keep the player’s attention for more than one month, which is why they will devote all their free time to such a game.

This is especially dangerous for children and teenagers because they will stand still in real life, developing enthusiasm in the virtual world. In addition, by spending a lot of time at the computer, the child becomes less mobile, which is harmful to his/her health.

Another disadvantage is the fact that some games involve spending certain amounts of money. Moreover, online games can be addictive. However, this addiction is often the result of problems in relationships with parents and friends. The latter needs to talk to the child and find out what is bothering them.

In general, it is enough for players to know the measure, allocate a certain amount of time for games, and know when to stop. If used correctly, games can be beneficial and serve as a useful type of entertainment.

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