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Amazing Race Couple Connie & Sam Left The Show – But Why?

Amazing Race Couple Connie & Sam Left The Show - But Why?

Fans of the show were wondering why racers Connie and Sam didn’t return for the show’s next phase. The truth is, the couple had a very genuine reason to opt-out.

Connie became pregnant during the hiatus of the race. By the time the filming of the season restarted in 2021, Connie was remarkably close to giving birth. This forced the couple to withdraw from the race. In December, Connie gave birth to her son, Elijah.

The season started typically enough, with married duo Connie and Sam from North Carolina in the middle of the pack for most of the race. The team didn’t have a shot at winning the race, but they sure didn’t look like getting eliminated anytime soon.

Post the first two eliminations, host Phil Keoghan announced that further racing had been suspended due to the deadly Coronavirus. In between a delay that lasted longer than expected, racers began planning the next phase of their lives.

Amazing Race Couple Connie & Sam Left The Show - But Why?

Three Other Teams Decide To Drop Out From The Race

The show’s challenge of asking the contestants to halt their lives also exacted a toll: three other pairs were absent from the end of the race. The host teased that two other teams will be joining the five remaining and that they’d be familiar faces.

Many fans assume that the two previously eliminated teams could return to take advantage of this second chance. In case that happens, the returning teams will probably get a penalty to make it fair for other teams.

Although Sam and Connie would have loved to finish the race, what gives them greater joy is the family they have created. Even though the contestants were halted in their journey halfway through, they will at least remember the moments of fun they had before their journey ended. In fact, they could claim that they never lost.
In February 2020, the 33rd season of the show was temporarily put on hold due to the breakout of COVID-19. The pandemic forced  the producers to halt the production of the show for 19 months.

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