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Amazon Echo Show 15 Review: A Great Device For The Tech Lovers

Amazon Echo Show 15 Review: A Great Device For The Tech Lovers

The Amazon Echo Show series has been available for four years, but the screen sizes have previously ranged from five to ten inches, making it perfect as a versatile bedside alarm or a kitchen companion screen. The 15-inch Echo Show, which is now available, is Amazon’s biggest display to date, and it’s also the first Echo Show that can be mounted on your wall. As a result, the business is wagering that some people will use it as a family bulletin board as well as a digital photo frame. If that’s what you’re looking for in a smart display, the Echo Show might be a quirky but excellent match. But we have a feeling that isn’t the case for the vast majority of folks.

Pros Of Echo Show 15

  • Design of a lovely photo frame
  • The screen is large and vivid.

Cons of Echo show 15

  • Widgets are handy
  • Camera and audio quality are both average.
  • Separately offered is the desktop stand.
  • Widget library is limited.


The Echo Show 15 appears to belong in a museum. Its 15.6-inch screen is encased in a beautiful black metal casing with a 0.7-inch white bezel (akin to the matting around a picture). It’s also quite thin, measuring only 1.4 inches thick.

Excellent widgets

One of the biggest advantages of the huge screen is Amazon’s newest Echo Show feature: widgets. Aside from the typical assortment of spinning home screen material like as news and weather updates, tiles may now be used to personalise a portion of the display. A calendar, a shopping list, sticky notes, to-do lists, the weather forecast, maps, and an Amazon item arrival tracker are among the features available. There’s also a “What to Eat” widget with cooking ideas, restaurant delivery options, and Blue Apron meal package recommendations.

Virtual ID

Visual ID, which is comparable to Face Match on Google’s Nest Hub Max, is another new feature on the Echo Show 15. It’s a face-recognition tool that offers you tailored information and widgets, such as your day’s appointments or to-do list. The Echo Show 15 offered pleasantries like “Good morning, Nicole” whenever I came into view. It’s intelligent enough to tell me apart from my spouse, whom it also recognises.

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